Sol Gjøines
President Kent


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Hello everyone!

My name is Sol Gjøines (don't worry, you won't have to learn how to pronounce my last name), and in March of 2021 I was elected to be President Kent for the Students’ Union. I recently graduated from the BA Fine Art course at the Canterbury campus. Being completely transparent, I had little to no contact with the Students’ Union during my time at UCA. Ironically enough, that is one of the reasons I wanted to be your President for the following academic year - to work toward making sure you as a student knows how the Union works for you, and all of the amazing things you can expect from your membership. As such, I aim to make the Students’ Union as visible, approachable and personable as possible.

Working closely with President Surrey, there are many exciting projects and campaigns already in the works to better the student experience. Such as Implementing International Inclusivity, Cultivating Creative Communities, Bettering UCA’s online resources and more - and with your help, I expect that we will enact some amazing changes!

We are here for you, the students. The Students’ Union is a separate entity from the university, and although there is a close relationship between the two, the students will always be our first priority. Ultimately, we serve as your voice, and I am ready to fight for it - and work toward enacting the changes I personally wish I saw as a student at UCA!

As President Kent, I will primarily be located on the Canterbury and Rochester campuses. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with me about any questions or concerns, (or to just have a general chat or a wee rant), either in person, or through Facebook and email. I am always open to feedback and suggestions, and my door will always be open.

I look forward to an exciting year of representing the student voice!

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The basic job description for President:

The President will:
• Be the figurehead of Kent campuses
• Develop campaigns in students’ interests
• Sit on relevant committees, including the Board of Governors
• Liaise with the University on the development of the student experience, complaints, equal opportunities and disciplinary procedures.