Vote on Thursday June 8th 2017

Who can vote

You can vote if you are:

  • 18 or above on 8th June
  • A British citizen
  • If not a British Citizen, a citizen of another qualifying state, currently resident in the UK (see qualifying states below)

To check if you are eligible to vote, check this List. 

How to register

  1. Visit this link
  2. Update your name, address, and other details as requested – remember you can register to vote in your hometown or your student town, wherever is more convenient for you!
  3. Make sure you know your National Insurance Number (you can find this on a payslip or if you’ve lost it then by visiting the Gov website)
  4. If you’re registering as a British citizen living abroad, ensure you have your British passport to hand

Registering to vote takes less than five minutes!

If you won’t be able to attend a polling booth on June 8th, you can apply for a postal vote by visiting this link and filling out the form on the website.

Who you can vote for



Leader: Theresa May

No. of MPs in our current government: 330


  • Regaining control of the UK’s borders while building fair trading agreements with Europe
  • Cracking down on individuals and businesses who exploit the consumer markets to bring down the deficit
  • Implementing a welfare system that values hard work



Co-leaders: Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley

No. of MPs in our current government: 1


  • Stopping the privatisation of the NHS and prioritising mental health services
  • Increasing living wage and create a million living wage jobs by introducing a Robin Hood tax on banks and closing tax loopholes
  • Abolishing the bedroom tax and fighting to protect renters’ rights



Leader: Jeremy Corbyn

No. of MPs in our current government: 232


  • Investing in industry to create one million jobs
  • Building more than one million new houses and securing a charter of private renters’ rights
  • Ending the privatisation of the NHS


Liberal Democrats

Leader: Tim Farron

No. of MPs in our current government: 8


  • Growing a more stable economy by investing in skills and training, supporting small businesses, and ensuring large businesses pay their fair share
  • Fighting for Britain’s relationship with Europe, ensuring we maintain free trade by remaining a part of the Single Market
  • Conducting a review of the services provided by the NHS and how best to fund it, as well as legalising and regulating cannabis in the UK



Leader: Paul Nuttall

No. of MPs in our current government: 1


  • Ending ‘benefit tourism’ and making it more difficult for non-British citizens to access housing and healthcare locally
  • Preventing ‘vast swathes of our countryside’ being used ‘to build homes for immigrants’ and preventing immigrants from being allowed to use social housing
  • Deporting foreign criminals to free up police from filling out forms


How to vote

Find your nearest polling station by visiting this website and inputting your postcode. On June 8th, go to the polling station and vote! It’s a very simple process that takes only a few minutes out of your day. If you won’t be available or in the country on voting day, apply for a postal vote (as explained in ‘how to register’).


Not sure who to vote for? There are plenty of quizzes available online that can help you figure out who your views are best aligned with!

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