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Union Council

Union Council is made up of a team of 14 representatives who are voted for by you, in the UCASU Elections or co-opted in by existing Union Council members. There are three Part-Time Officers (PTOs) from each of the four UCA campuses, along with the full-time Students’ Union President Kent and President Surrey. This team are responsible for the direction of UCASU through the execution of policy, promotion of student rights and the development of projects and campaigns to represent you, our members of the Students’ Union.

Every month, the Union Council meet and minutes from those meetings are recorded for you to read – you’ll find them lower down this page. As a UCASU member, you are welcome to attend as an observer and meeting dates will be published ahead of time.


ELECTED Councillors


Sol Gjøines
President Kent


Foysal Mobarock
President Surrey


A member of the Union Council can submit a motion for the group to vote on when they meet. A motion is normally written by describing a current situation faced by the student body and will include a proposal for how UCASU can approach, support or action change. Motions can be amended to remove or add details, and Union Council members will vote to ‘pass’ or ‘fall’. If passed, UCASU will then action change or implement the motion into policy.

Members of the committee can vote for or against the motion, or abstain from voting – meaning they neither support nor oppose the proposal. To pass, a motion must receive the support of over 50% of the members (with 14 people on the Union Council, a motion must receive seven votes to pass).

Awaiting details of motions and outcomes.


Below you can view minutes from the most recent meetings of the Union Council:

Union Council Minutes 2022/23

Minutes 25/01/23 (TBC once Union Council have approved at February meeting)

Minutes 14/12/22

Minutes 03/11/22

Minutes 05/10/22 
Minutes 07/09/22 
Minutes 13/07/22


Union Council Minutes 2021/22

Minutes 25/05/22

Minutes 27/04/22

Minutes 15/03/22

Minutes 15/02/22

Minutes 11/01/22

Minutes 29/06/21