Course Reps are elected from every course to improve your learning experience.
Course Reps

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What is a course rep?

Each course has Course Reps to find out and represent their class’s opinions.  Anyone can nominate themselves as the class’s Course Representative and an election will be held at the beginning of term.

Hear from some of our current Reps below!

But what do course rep do?

As elected representatives for their course, they pass on student feedback and get extra info about their course at meetings called ‘Course Boards’. From tiny problems to really big issues, if things could be improved, Course Reps can represent student views to Course Leaders: meaning students don’t just consume their university experience, they create it.

Course Reps…

  • Attend training
  • Ensure everyone on the course knows who they are and what they do
  • Keep in contact with the course leader
  • Attend three course board meetings per year
  • Offer suggestions for improvement
  • Communicate outcomes back to students

Why be a course rep?

  • Be a part of improving student experience for all
  • Develop professional communication & personal development skills
  • Achieve a certificate of recognition and attend an award ceremony
  • Meet new people and make friends
  • Develop stronger professional relationships with staff and academics
  • Gives insight into how the university is run
  • Networking opportunities

Fancy it?

Talk to your course leader or tutor when your course begins. You can also contact us for more information at

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Course rep successes

Longer Studio Hours

Fashion students studios were shutting at 5pm everyday when students needed them for longer. The course reps put together a petition of all the students’ names that wanted extended hours and took it to their course board.

The course leader then showed it to the relevant staff that organised a new staff timetable that allowed for later opening hours.

Better Feedback

Students were unhappy with the feedback they received on their work.

The course reps ran an open discussion on Facebook asking students what they wanted to see changed. The majority of students wanted more information about what aspects of their work was meeting the marking criteria rather than just negative criticism.

The course reps took this information to their course board. As a result the course leader discussed the issue with staff and they agreed to offer positive feedback before outlining areas of improvement.

A Professional link

Some product design students wanted to know more about career options and skills for the work place.

Through taking this to the course leader and course board meeting, the university arranged for a local professional to come in to talk about their experiences.

Improving studio spaces

Students from interior architecture had a project where they had to work in groups but the studio space was better suited to independent learning.

The course reps discussed this at their course board and found that other years agreed it was a problem.

As a group, they looked at the studio space and rearranged to encourage greater group work.

Double Booked

The graduation ceremony for fashion textiles students fell on the same day as New Designers event – which many decided to attend instead.

Course reps helped arrange an on-campus photo one campus in robes for another day and now the university has checked that graduation doesn’t clash with any key events for the future.

End of year show

Graphic design students were told their end of year show would no longer be held in London due to budget constraints.

When the course reps went to their course leader it became clear the decision had not been his. So the course reps went to school board, where they could raise their concerns with the head of school and other course leaders.

The course reps took lots of alternatives and evidence as to why a London show was important and they were successful.


You can read your Course Rep Handbook below. If you have problems reading the file online, click the download link in the top left-hand corner.