UCASU Values

UCASU runs a cycle of continuous research and planning to ensure we are always working on the issues that matter most to our members. We don’t have a long-term strategy, and instead plan on a yearly basis, built upon a survey responses, data, student reps, and insider knowledge about the University and what’s happening in the country.

We turn this into a Strategic Plan, with targets based around the five key Aims of the Students’ Union. We believe that these five aims are the pillars that help us provide an awesome experience for every UCA student.

  1. Students owning their experience
    We will amplify the student voice at every opportunity to cultivate an inclusive and transformative learning experience.


  1. Developing our members
    We will provide every member with opportunities that develop them as individuals and creatives, prepared and excited for their futures.


  1. Community and wellbeing
    We will foster a sense of belonging within our members and an environment of empowerment, collaboration, and support.


  1. Relevant and trusted
    We will be viewed as relevant and trustworthy by every member, playing an active and diverse role in their lives.


  1. Change the world
    We will enable and inspire our members to make a positive impact on the creative industries and the world around them.



Vision - We will be recognised as the heart of the student experience at UCA, enabling our members to make a positive impact on the world around them.
Our vision is that student life and the students’ union are synonymous; that we have something for every member and are utterly relevant. Students will in turn benefit from this and go on to make a difference in the world.
Mission - We will create extraordinary experiences and celebrate individuality, amplifying the student voice and fostering a sense of belonging.
Create extraordinary experiences: we will provide the conditions and opportunities that mean students form lifelong memories and relationships.
Celebrate individuality: difference will not simply be tolerated or merely acknowledged, it will be nurtured and encouraged.
Amplifying the student voice: not just listening to what students tell us but using it to inform decisions throughout the university and students’ union.
Fostering a sense of belonging: creating the conditions that help UCA students feel they are part of a community of which they are a valued member.
These are what we live and breathe: everything we do should and will align to our values.
Shaped by students | Empathy | Sustainable | Radical | Vibrant
Living by our values we will make sure that we act in the best interests of students while considering how we impact others and our collective future. Students will direct what we do, striving for better and doing exciting things.
How we’re perceived - our values
Bold – we are brave and courageous; we stand up for students’ rights; we are innovative and we challenge the status quo
Inclusive - we welcome all people and appreciate their uniqueness; we are champions of equality and diversity
Supportive – we look out for people; we want students to succeed in life so we offer transformative experiences for them to get involved in; we ensure our staff have a healthy work-life balance


We’ll only be able to achieve our aims if we are an effective organisation and work with purpose. Here’s what will help us succeed:
Good governance
We are a complex organisation: led by students but also a registered charity and employer. Our governing documents need to be robust but able to adapt to keep us effective, legal and financially responsible. We will ensure we do things in a transparent way so students know how they can affect change.
People and culture
UCASU benefits from the talented and driven people who work within it, whether as part of the career staff team or one of the many students we employ or provide volunteering opportunities to. We will attract and retain great people by offering a rewarding place of work with a supportive and collaborative culture.
We do achieve some of our greatest achievements when we work with others, so building and maintaining strong relationships will be vital to our continued success. Communication and keeping our promises will help us be a trusted partner wherever we work with others.
Financial resource
To ensure the Union can continue to serve students into the future, it’s vital that we live within our means and be financially responsible. We should also seek opportunities to improve and diversify our income in order to invest more in doing things for students.
It’s in our name: we are a union of students, so all our members should feel the things we do are relevant to them. A thorough understanding of our members’ lives, excellent student leadership and clear communication about our work and successes will ensure we are a Union relevant to UCA students.
Brand affinity
Delivering amazing support, activities and opportunities to students is not enough. We must create a relationship with every member that promotes a positive emotional connection with us through common beliefs and priorities. UCASU should be a trusted friend to the UCA student community.