This year’s By-Elections give you a chance be a part of your Students’ Union and have a direct impact on students experience at UCA.

You can make a difference to your campus. Campus Executive Officers get to make decisions that affect student life, as well as work on exciting events and campaigns. 

NUS Delegates get to represent UCA on a national stage.

There are 14 roles available in total.

Campus Executive Officers

1 HE Officer, 1 FE Officer, 1 Open Place Officer (per campus)


If you’re interested in:

  • Being part of positive change on campus
  • Working with the Presidents on events or campaigns, such as climate emergency and Action for Black Students
  • Gaining new skills and experience

This is your opportunity. Nominate yourself:



NUS delegates

1 woman student delegate, 1 Open Place delegate


If you’re interested in:

  • Representing UCA at the biggest student conference in Europe
  • Getting to know students and activists from across the country

This is your opportunity. Nominate yourself.


  • Students studying at Royal School of Needlework need to select Farnham campus.

    Students studying at Maidstone Television Studios need to select Rochester campus.
  • Please tell us which course you are studying on.
  • This is where you chose the position you are running for.

    On each campus, there are 3 Campus Executive Officer positions available:

    FE (Further education) Campus Executive Officer
    HE (Higher education) Campus Executive Officer
    Open Place Campus Executive Officer

    The Open place is open to all students, with FE and HE places only open to students studying on those courses.

    There are 2 NUS Delegate positions available. These are 1x Open place and 1x Women's place.

  • This photo will appear on the voting page, so voters can recognise their preferred candidate. You may want to use this same photo when campaigning for the role.

  • Your manifesto is an explanation of your ideas and goals, and students will use the manifestos to decide who they want to represent them. You can submit it as a simple text statement, or make an A4 image that shows students more about who you are.

Job description – Campus Executive Officer



December 2020 – June 2021



There are three Campus Executive Officers per campus, making up an Executive Committee of fourteen people (including the two Presidents). 



Campus Executive Officers are the voice for their campus on the Executive Committee. As members of the committee, they are able to: 

  • Propose ideas for improving student life
  • Vote on important decisions about how the Students’ Union should run
  • Work directly on campaigns or projects with the Presidents, such as climate emergency and community events


You could really make this role your own. If you want to help people, or work on creative projects, or just be a bigger part of life at UCA, this role is for you. Whatever your interests are, as a Campus Executive Officer, you have support and people power to make change and improve the UCA community. You also get to be amongst the first to know about new projects or launches the Students’ Union is working on. 



  • Attend 5 Executive committee meetings
  • Present ideas to the committee that will make a difference to the students you represent
  • Gather feedback from students on your campus
  • Make sure you are prepared for committee meetings, and consult with students about any important or controversial ideas that are being voted on
  • Work with the Presidents on campaigns, projects, and events (you choose how involved you want to be, and which areas interest you)


You must be:

  • A current UCA student
  • Eligible for the position you run for (there is an HE-specific position on each campus, an FE-specific position, and one open position that anyone can run for)
  • Interested in making a difference to your campus!