ucasu upcoming elections 2022

Are you keen to get involved with your UCASU at a higher level and represent students? If so, we have opportunities for you! Please email elections.su@uca.ac.uk if you are keen or have any questions. 

rochester part-time officer by-election

This is open to any UCA student who will be based at Rochester in 2022/23. As part of Union Council, you will represent your campus, its' students and bring to Union Council issues affecting these things. 

Monday 19th September - Nominations Open 

Wednesday 28th September, 12pm - Nominations Close 

Wednesday 28th September, 2pm & 5pm - Candidate Workshop (inc Manifesto & Campaign)

Monday 3rd October, 12pm - Manifesto deadline 

Monday 3rd October, 4pm - Manifestos on website / Campaigning begins / Voting opens

Thursday 6th October, 4pm – Voting closes

Thursday 6th October, 5pm  – Election results announced


further education (fe) part-time officer co-opt

We have four FE places available to FE UCA students studying in 2022/23; one place per campus. You will be co-opt by current Union Council members, into Union Council and will seek to represent both FE and your campus views, elevating student voice to one of the main decision making committees in UCASU. 

Monday 12th September - Nominations Open 

Wednesday 28th September, 12pm - Nominations Close

Wednesday 28th September, 1pm & 4pm - Candidate Workshop (inc Manifesto)

Monday 3rd October, 12pm - Manifesto deadline (Manifestos sent to Union Council)

Wednesday 5th October, 4pm  – Union Council meeting held and votes cast/decision made





The 2022 UCASU election results can be viewed here: https://ucasu.com/elections/previous-elections/2022mainelections/