Your UCASU Membership



When you enrol on a course at UCA, you’re automatically a member of UCASU. We’re led by and for students, acting independently of the University to represent you, our members. The UCASU team is made up of elected representatives, a permanent staff team and volunteers. You will have the opportunity to choose and vote for who represents you, from Course Representatives to Union Council, Part-Time Officers or our full-time Presidents.

There are plenty of opportunities for you to get involved with UCASU, whether it’s starting or joining clubs and societies to meet new people, attending the events and activities we run, or joining one or more of our Identity Communities. You can also enhance your employability whilst you study by becoming Course Rep or running for a position on Union Council in our Elections. Beyond this, we offer an advice and wellbeing service independently of UCA to support you throughout your studies too.

There’s so much more going on at UCASU than we can cover in this guide, so be sure to check out our social media channels (@ucasu for everything) – you’ll catch us on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and LinkedIn

You’ll find a UCASU office on your campus, right in the heart of things, so be sure to come and say hello – we’ll be happy to see you!


Canterbury, Epsom and Rochester – Learn more in your membership handbook!


Farnham – Learn more in your membership handbook!






We’re directed by students

We have different ways for students to direct our work. Whether it's the annually-elected sabbatical officers working on their manifestos and deciding on political matters, the Union Council deciding on our policies, or Course Reps helping improve things at a course level. Students feed their opinions and views to us, ensuring the Union is truly student-led. Our permanent staff team work to deliver the Union’s strategic plan and provide consistent delivery of services.

We’re a not-for-profit charity

We are funded in many different ways. Alongside receiving a grant from the University, we also generate income through trading services, memberships, and media sales. As a not-for-profit organisation, this is all reinvested in services for students. Although we are an independent organisation separate from the University, we do work very closely with them.

What different types of membership are there?

There are three types of membership within the Students’ Union, and most of you will fall under the category of ‘ordinary members’. 


Who is this?

What can they do?

What can’t they do?


All the current registered students at University for the Creative Arts, provided they haven’t opted-out of membership.

Access to all the Students’ Union services such as sports clubs, societies, volunteering and ability to stand and vote during student elections.


Associate Members

These are non-student members of the UCA community that pay a subscription which allows them to access things in the Students’ Union.

Access to all the Students’ Union services, except the advice service.    

Stand and vote in any student election or referendum.

Honorary members

A person who is given an honorary membership due to their service towards the Students’ Union. A majority vote at Union Council is needed before the membership is granted.

Access to all the Students’ Union services, except the advice service.

Stand and vote in any student election or referendum.

UCA students who have opted out of membership.

Currently-enrolled students at UCA who have opted-out of students’ union membership.

Access to all the Students’ Union services.

Stand and vote in any student election or referendum.



Please email us to opt-out of membership in the Students’ Union.