Join one (or more) of the Identity Communities on your campus, we're looking to appoint leaders too!
Identity Communities

Each campus has four Identity Communities based on the National Union of Students’ four main liberation campaigns:

  • Women Students
  • Disabled Students
  • BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnicities) Students
  • LGBTQ+ Students

You can take part in any Identity Community you identify with – the BAME Students Community is for black or minority ethnicity students only, LGBTQ+ Students Community is for students who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer+ only, and so on. Our Women Students Community is trans-inclusive.

These Communities will run events and campaigns throughout the year, with the support of the Union. The possibilities are almost endless, and each year will look different depending on the Identity Community leaders and what you want from your Identity Community. We also organise twice-yearly meetings with your Student Union and President to celebrate occasions such as Black History Month and Pride, as well as take part in other relevant discussions and activities.



If you’d like to take part in any Identity Community, you can go along to any activities without any commitment. You can also sign up to become an Identity Community Leader through the Identity Community Leader Hub.

For further information, email the Student Engagement Coordinator at or get in touch with your President.