Job Descriptions & FAQs

Job Descriptions & FAQ's

Every year, students at UCA collectively decide who is going to lead their Union and improve the lives of students where it matters most.

The search is on for students who are passionate about making positive change; whether it’s tackling the cost of living, fighting for a more inclusive campus or ensuring that students have the best possible experience at University. This matters now more than ever!

You could act on behalf of thousands of students as one of our Presidents, leading your Unions campaigns and work to represent students to the University, regionally, and nationally. Or, as a continuing student you could run for a Campus Officer role and sit on Union Council. If you care about your University and the students who study here, it’s time to speak up and make a difference.

Roles Avaliable in our Annual Elections

President (Canterbury/Epsom/Farnham)


The role of the Presidents is to contribute to and support the direction of the Union ensuring students are centric and represented at every level of the University, as well as locally and nationally.

What does a President do?

  • They are the main representation for all students at UCA and ensure the student voice is heard at the highest levels within the University.
  • They are a member of the University Board of Governors where they will represent students’ interests at the highest possible decision making body in the University.
  • They campaign for positive change and deliver on elected manifesto points.
  • They liaise directly with UCA’s Senior Leadership Team, building and creating a strong channel of communication.
  • They attend regular University committees and working groups to secure and maintain a high level of feedback between students, your Union, and the University.
  • They are a trustee of UCASU - ensuring the Union makes all decisions in the best interest of students, in line with our strategic direction and financial viability, and under Charitable Law.
  • They are a member of Union Council - an all student committee made up of full and part time elected officers. Union Council discusses matters relevant to the student body and University as well as create and vote on policy that directly impacts the running of the Union.

Why should i run for President?

Being President gives you an incredible opportunity to lead a charity, be responsible for elevating the voice of over 6000 students, and deliver on projects and campaigns that matter to you! You have the chance to gain key transferable skills such as negotiation, communication, analytical reasoning, critical thinking and much, much more. All of these will expand your skill set and are great for your CV, not to mention the experience you’ll gain to back them up. On top of this you’ll be paid an annual salary of £20,600, receive 25 days leave (excluding bank holidays, personal development days, and University closure), and be provided with training opportunities to succeed within the role.

How do I become the next President?

If you would like further information about the role you can get in touch at to arrange an informal chat. Or feel free to pop into your Union office. We’re always happy to talk you through the election process and any ideas you may have for your manifesto.

If you’re positive you want to run, you can submit your nomination on the Elections website at UCASU.COM/ELECTIONS or scan one of our QR codes around campus. Once you nominate yourself you will need to submit a manifesto on what you aim to achieve during the role. Training will be provided on writing a Manifesto as well as how to Campaign successfully.

You’ll then be an official candidate in your Union Elections!


Campus Officer (CO)


There are 10 Campus Officers (CO’s); three from Canterbury, Epsom, and Farnham; one from Maidstone, open to all continuing students. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to; representing students at all levels within your Union and the University, attending Union Council meetings and informing change by creating and voting on policy, holding full-time elected officers (Presidents) to account ensuring their work supports the student voice, supporting and running campaigns for change.

What does a Campus Officer do?

  • They are a member of Union Council; a student committee consisting of full and part-time elected Union. Matters affecting student life and academic experiences are discussed and policy enacted to positively support change for all students.
  • They promote and defend the rights of Union members. This includes running campaigns, assisting with Union activities, and ensuring student feedback is heard and actioned by the Union and University.
  • Support our Course Rep system and run regular Course Rep feedback sessions.

Why should I nominate myself to become a Campus Officer?

You will be directly involved with your Union by creating and enacting policy, elevating the voice of over 6000 students, and delivering on campaigns that matter to you!

This voluntary position will develop key transferable skills including communication, leadership and guidance, and teamwork. All of which are great on your CV, not to mention the experience you’ll gain to back them up.

You’ll have the support of a great staff team as well as all Presidents. There is also an exciting programme of training over the summer to make sure you’re confident in the role and able to perform at your best!

How do I become a Campus Officer?

Firstly, you need to be a continuing student going into the next academic year. If that’s you and you would like further information about the role you can get in touch at to arrange an informal chat. Or feel free to pop into your Union office, we’re always happy to talk you through the elections process and any ideas you may have for your manifesto. Find the QR codes to scan or visit UCASU.COM/ELECTIONS and complete the form to officially nominate yourself. After you have nominated yourself you will need to submit a manifesto on what you aim to achieve during the role. Sessions on manifesto writing are provided as well as our guidance for this online.

You’ll then be an official candidate and ready to campaign for elections!


How does it work?


We open a nominations period which is when you can put yourself forward as a candidate. You’ll need to submit a manifesto about what you plan to do if elected. This is where students know why they should vote for you! Once nominations close, your Union publishes a list of all candidates and manifestos on our website and social channels.


Campaigning and Voting

Candidates need to get the word out that they are running for election - this is campaigning!
Voting is based on a system called the Single Transferable Vote. Students vote in order of preference:

  • #1 for their first choice candidate
  • #2 for their second choice candidate
  • #3 for their third choice candidate
  • And so on
You can ask voters to mark you as #1 first, but #2 if they already have a preferred candidate! This way, if a students preferred candidate gets knocked out of the running, you will receive their vote in the next round. This system means students still get a say on who is elected even if their first choice doesn’t receive enough votes. Find out more here.


Requently asked questions


Absolutely! If you are elected, the University allows you to take a year out of your studies (a sabbatical) to work full-time!



Nearly any position. Campus Officers must be continuing their studies on their relevant campus.



None. People from all different backgrounds and skillsets run in your Union elections. What matters most are your ideas for improving the student experience at UCA. Whatever role you’re interested in, you will get training and support from your Union and staff team who will help develop your ideas and get the most out of your elected year.



No! Candidates sometimes feel like they don’t know enough people to run for election, but we work hard to give everybody an equal platform and ensure students hear about you and your ideas. You don’t have to be a big name on campus to win!



Don’t worry! Concentrate on the issues that matter most to you. Chat to your current officers and Union staff to explore how you could build upon suggestions for your manifesto. We have information on our website and run activities throughout the nominations period where you can learn how best to present your ideas!



Yes! We encourage all student wanting to run in elections.

Campus Officer is a voluntary role and does not require a visa or right to work check.

The President positions are full-time paid employees of your Union, starting in June 2024 and ending June 2025.
If you are nominating yourself for President we'll need to check your right to work in the UK before voting opens. For most international students studying on a student or Tier 4 visa you just need to tell us your share code and date of birth - you can find out more about that here. If your visa is due to expire you may be able to apply for a Sabbatical Officer visa.

If you have any questions about visas or working as a Sabbatical Officer, please contact or