UCASU President Canterbury 24/25
Cassie de St. Croix


president canterbury | presidents.su@uca.ac.uk


Hia folks!

My name is Cassie de St. Croix, I use they/them pronouns, and I’m one of your newly elected Presidents! This means I’m one of the main points of contact with your Union, and it’s my job to represent the student voice to the University and make sure you’re heard!

I studied Illustration and Animation on our Canterbury campus for three years, and got inspired to be an active part of the student movement through working closely with UCASU. 

Some of my main goals for the year include improving a chain of feedback through our course rep system to make sure that you are having your needs met and your voices amplified. After all, your Students’ Union should be informed and led by you, the students.

I also want to work on elevating communities at UCA, whether that’s through working with existing clubs and societies, making more welcoming and inclusive community spaces, or utilising the drive and energy of students to create new initiatives.

However you want to spend your time at UCA, we want to hear it!

Your Union is a completely separate entity to UCA, which means that we can give independent advice and are able to deal with lots of things you might not want to speak to a tutor about. Whether it’s an idea about a new club, an issue you’ve had with a peer or a staff member, or even that you just need a good chat and a cuppa! 

You can get in touch via my email Cassie.DS-Croix.SU@uca.ac.uk - but emails can be tricky and boring, so why not just pop into the office and say hi! Or look out for one of our Meet Your President events happening across the year.

I can’t wait to meet you all and work together to help shape your UCA experience!

Cassie de St. Croix (They/Them)

UCASU President 24/25


Cassie’s Manifesto



watch this space, Updates are coming soon!