UCASU President Farnham 24/25
Charlie Skinner

Charlie Skinner

President farnham | presidents.su@uca.ac.uk


Hi all, I’m Charlie, the newly elected president for the Farnham campus! I use he/they pronouns, and am looking forward to getting to know you all throughout the academic year

I spent four years here studying Games Development, and have a heavy interest in computer hardware and software. Throughout my time as a student here, I became heavily involved with the Students’ Union, from being a course rep, to being a student trustee, and now being here as one of the presidents!

I have a variety of goals for this year, ranging from introducing a more affordable, further variety of allergen friendly food, increasing student feedback for events, to aiming to restructure how some of the bursaries at the university currently function. 

Me alongside the other campus presidents will all be here for all of you, ensuring that you have an ideal time whilst you study at the uni! The Students’ Union is a completely separate entity to the university, allowing us to be an alternative source of information that we can provide without bias / influence of the university.

You can get into contact with me through multiple methods! One of them is messaging me on my presidential instagram page (ucasu.charlie), or sending an email to presidents.su@uca.ac.uk. I will almost always be located inside of the Students’ Union office too so feel free to come in for a chat at any point!


Charlie Skinner (he/they)

UCASU President 24/25


Charlie’s Manifesto



watch this space, Updates are coming soon!