Gender Neutral Facilities

Valid from: 07 April 2016

Reviewal date: 07 April 2019

Union Notes:

  1. That gender segregated facilities such as toilets, showers, and changing rooms are detrimental to the right of privacy for LGBTQ+ people.
  2. That the Union is an equal opportunities organisation.
  3. Facilities, for the purpose of this policy, shall mean toilets, showers, and changing facilities.

Union Believes:

  1. That all members have the right to access facilities to participate in events/sports and attend venues.

Union Resolves:

  1. To seriously look into having at least one gender neutral toilet in all of its venues on all of its campuses.
  2. That any future developments that include current toilets or require new toilets to Union managed or owned sites must, where possible and applicable, include gender neutral facilities.
  3. That any existing self-contained toilets that are gender segregated be rebranded simply as “toilets” making them gender neutral.
  4. To lobby the University to follow the Unions lead in implementing Union this policy across University managed sites.