What is a referendum?

A referendum is when all students are given the opportunity to vote on a question.
A big national referendum recently was the Scottish Referendum. The question asked was Should Scotland be an independent country? Everyone living in Scotland but 55% voted “No” to the proposal. This meant that Scotland remains part of the UK.

When does this happen at UCASU?

Whenever there is a big question where everyone’s input is needed, there is a referendum. Previous referendums include Should UCASU remain part of the National Union of Students? and Should the UCASU make funds available to transport up to 250 students from all five campuses to London for the NUS National Demonstration on the 21st November 2012?

Current Referendum

On March 4th at 12pm, two new referendum questions will be put to UCA students. They will be able to vote on these until March 10th at 4pm, coinciding with our election dates.

The questions are about UCASU governance structure. The sabbatical officers have put together a proposal for a new governance structure that would replace Student Council with an Academic Exec, a Campus exec and an autonomous space for Liberation groups. This referendum has been called to ask all UCA students if they agree with the proposed changes. The questions are:

Do you agree to amend our student democratic structures to involve a campus executive and an academic executive?

Do you agree with the proposed changes to the constitution and bye laws to reflect this new structure?


Yes Campaign

The campus officers are in favor of the referendum passing. They have made the following video to explain why they think it’s a good idea:

No Campaign

We welcome anyone interested in running a no campaign. The union will resource you to produce promotional materials. We will also set aside space for no campaign material both here and on the voting page.