Ongoing Campaigns

Employability – so far, we have over 200 responses. We have a HEA meeting schedules where returning students are talking about their experience and what is expected from the department. Look at whether there’s an issue with the influence question, if we need to introduce another question or find a way to mitigate that argument? Carry out a duplicate careers survey. Contact more graduates for a 15% grad response.

Healthier food options and Allergen friendly food – initial meeting with Lesley, not much progress due to freshers and Employability campaign being time restraint. Lesley has asked me to sit on an external committee with her.

Improve social spaces – engage more with students and be present at bar events to fill the spaces and install the idea of the bar/social spaces as great places to send time.

Save Canterbury Hospital – Work with local Canterbury unions to run a campaign. Canterbury College, CCCU and university of Kent are involved.

The Directory – Started a collaborative Art publication with other Unions

Big Wins

Catering – [UCA Catering] has asked me to sit on a catering Committee to discuss and make effective change to the Catering across all campuses – considering healthier and more allergen friendly food.

International Ice Breaker was received well – Staff and students commented on how fun it was – helped with engagement.

Canterbury Freshers – Bar events seem to be engaging people.

Became a sexual health advisor

Successfully recruited an Events Co-ordinator

Freshers’ fair was successful.

Employability currently has 200+ responses