Ongoing Campaigns

IT Policy – Exchanged emails with James tempest about the new policy and had another meeting with Terry Croft about the roundabout way he spoke about the Policy and how we as a union don’t like the policy – need to be reverted by Sept.

International Welcome – Agreed with john about progress on seating arrangement – changing the game agreed and presentation to be finished.

Employability – Presentation finished, needs to be pitched to officers and team and then pushed throughout freshers for Jamie to present to the university. – spoken about Phone banking – liked the idea and student staff to get involved with that.

International Welcome Pack – Mutual agreement it’s too late to sort this out for this year but to consider for next year – Collin in the LSS brought up that offering food would be tough ground but possible with toiletries. Maybe more research once International students’ are in and asking them to do a survey.

Sexual health (GET IT) – Kent campuses can now distribute some types contraception and refer people to online to get home delivery of condoms etc. Riley can now advise students’ too

Big wins

Now a sexual health advisor

Safeguarding training

Connections with the LSS on the rise.

New Skills

Public speaking

Courageous conversations

Helping create relational power

How to make sure your welfare is accounted for.