Ongoing Campaigns

Safe Taxi Scheme

Andy is taking this forward next Wednesday at a Security Committee to see if there are concerns with this scheme being rolled out.

Fair assessment

We are still waiting for our meeting with Leadership to show them our research.

Sanitary products

I am currently awaiting for estates in Kent to confirm their commitment to this campaign but in discussions with them they were happy for the LSS and SU to work on delivering Free sanitary products to students with donations being collected in Canterbury at the SU office and in the LSS. The Sanitary products would be available in the toilets by the bar. In Rochester they would be available in the Gender neutral toilets and donations would be collected by the LSS and in the Gender neutral toilets. – Estates also agreed that the cleaners would keep an eye on and stock up the sanitary products on their rounds. This will be going to the next Available COG which will be in the next coming weeks.


Been in talks with the Head of Catering they have agreed to share a report they are writing about the future plans of Catering with us – We are still awaiting our invite to the committee though. I saw this is something on the Presidents Manifesto for next year – I will continue this work with them next year.

Big Wins

  • Green Impact Submission complete
  • NUS awards submissions complete
  • UCASU has been confirmed and given a spot in the London pride parade.
  • Estates are Happy with the Sanitary Products campaign.
  • SU AWARDS were successful.
  • Lead Officer on Quality Students’ Union Working Group

New Skills

Annual Leave

10.5  remaining

Annual Leave Dates

26th April (Half Day)

Sick Days


Missed Meetings

Terrace Project – Was in Farnham for awards.


Re-hosted Liberation meetings/Elections – Canterbury BAME leaders successfully elected. Rochester Disabled Students’ Leader successfully elected.

Attended first: Student Community Operations Meeting

Helped Canterbury LGBTQ+ Liberation raise money for London Pride.