Clubs & Socs

Being at UCA isn’t all hard work, so we provide the opportunity for students to participate in Clubs and Societies by either running one or being a member.

Plenty of clubs and societies are up and running, from Dungeons and Dragons, to Film and Life-Drawing, there is something for everyone. If fitness and dance is more your thing we have exciting opportunities like Boxing, Pole Fitness and K-Pop Dance which will for sure get your heart pumping.

Clubs and societies usually run Monday to Friday after 5pm and throughout the year you can expect amazing shows like the Musical Theatre Society’s end of year stage production and the dance Charity Showcase, If you think there’s something missing, you can start your own club or society too!


Please note that Clubs and Society Memberships are non-refundable. 

Clubs and Societies are only open to UCA students, staff and alumni.

Clubs and Societies can only be started and led by current UCA students. 



Start a new Club/Society

If you're interested in being a part of a Club or Society but it doesnt exist yet, click here!

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Committee resources

Here you can find useful documents that will help you with the everyday running of your club or society.

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Useful information

Everything you need to know about awards and recognition, clothing and facilities.

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Participation Fund

Any UCA student can apply for the Participation Fund if they encounter financial or equipment barriers to taking part in Clubs, Societies and Communities. Clubs, Societies and Communities are an important part of extra-curricular life at UCA and support student wellbeing and learning while at university. No student should feel like they cannot take part or are at a disadvantage due to financial hardship or the need to purchase additional materials.

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Identity Communities

Under the umbrella of Communities, we have four ‘Identity Communities’. These are based on the National Union of Students’ four main liberation campaigns:

  • Women Students
  • Disabled Students
  • Students of Colour (formerly known as BAME Students)
  • LGBTQ+ Students

You can take part in any Identity Community you identify into – the Students of Colour Community is for black or minority ethnicity students only, LGBTQ+ Students Community is for students who are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*, Queer+ only, and so on. Our Women Students Community is Trans*-inclusive.
These Communities will run events and campaigns throughout the year, with the support of the Union. You can join an Identity Community by clicking the link at the bottom of that Community’s page, represent your Identity Community at Union Justice Groups, or you can volunteer to be a leader for an Identity Community and help to make it a fun and supportive space for students.

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Adoption List

Groups up for adoption are groups which have existed before and are looking for committee members to take them over! This means that for some of these groups, we may already have equipment or facilities set up and ready to go.

If you're interested in adopting one of these clubs or societies, contact Vanessa Silva at

Here is a list of all clubs and societies that are up for adoption:

African-Caribbean Society
Animation Society
Arts and Crafts Society
Creative Writing and Spoken Word Society
Dance Club
Disabled Students Society
Fencing Club
Graphic Design Society
Illustration Society
International Society
Japanese Society
Kickboxing Club
Language Cafe
Latin Dance Club
LGBTQ+ Society
Life-Drawing Society
Martial Arts Club
Nepalese Society
Netball Club
Photography Society
Poker Society
Portuguese Society
Queer World Cinema Society
Rugby Club
Socialist Workers Student Society
South Asian Society
Students of Colour Society
Sustainability Society
Table Tennis Club
Tea and Crafts Society
Volleyball Club
Women's Society

Current Club & Societies

  • Farnham Album Society

    We explore music, share our tastes, and discuss them!

  • Farnham Anime and Manga Society

    Join the Anime and Manga Society for watch parties, games, quizzes, debates and more!

  • Farnham Arthouse Cinema Society

    A society for fans of Arthouse Cinema

  • Farnham Boxing Club

    Looking for a fun and rewarding workout? At the boxing club, everyone is welcome, regardless of experience, gender or goal. Each week a session is taught by a professional coach. Come give us a try!

  • Farnham Cheerleading Club

    Cheerleading is a fantastic way to exercise while having fun in a team bonding sport.

  • Farnham Christian Union

    We strive create a safe place for everyone to share life and build faith in Jesus. "We love because he first loved us." 1 John 4:19

  • Farnham Comedy and Standup Society

    We aim to give aspiring comedians a voice and a stage, and the community a good laugh.

  • Farnham Disney Appreciation Society

    Everyone is welcome to join in and share their love of Disney with our film nights and colouring! We will have a film on in the background, with Disney crafts and talk everything Disney!

  • Farnham Dungeons and Dragons Society

    We set-up experienced and non-experienced gamers with an experienced Dungeon Master (Storyteller) to take you on your adventures.

  • Farnham Esports Society

    We in UCA Esports hope to give you as potential players a chance to experience you favourite competitive games in a competitive field.

  • Farnham Film Society

    Film Society is an inclusive, educational, and fun society for all film lovers.

  • Farnham Football Club

    UCA Farnham men's Football Club training. All abilities welcome!

  • Farnham Games Society

    Welcome to the Games Society! Here you can meet other gamers, have fun and make new friends.

  • Farnham K-Pop Club

    K-Pop is essentially Korean Pop and once a week we will be holding a dance class teaching a variety of choreographies from both boy and girl groups.

  • Farnham Music Society

    Are you a budding musician? Can you bang out a cracking tune on the drums? Or do you just love a good sing song in the shower? Then have we got the Society for you!

  • Farnham Musical Theatre Society

    We create an enjoyable atmosphere where people can come and perform songs from popular musicals, followed by a full scale musical at the end of the year!

  • Farnham Pole Fitness Club

    Pole Fitness is about having fun while improving strength, flexibility, and coordination. We run supervised sessions each week with an experienced pole fitness instructor.

  • Farnham Redeemed Christian Church of God Fellowship (RCCGF) Society

    The Redeemed Christian Church of God Christian International Fellowship(RCCGF) is a Student based fellowship destined by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself to take the world for Him.

  • Farnham Witchcraft & Spirituality Society

    A society for all things witchcraft and spirituality!