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Participation Fund


Any UCA student can apply for the Participation Fund if they encounter financial or equipment barriers to taking part in Clubs, Societies and Communities. Clubs, Societies and Communities are an important part of extra-curricular life at UCA and support student wellbeing and learning while at university. No student should feel like they cannot take part or are at a disadvantage due to financial hardship or the need to purchase additional materials. 



You are eligible to apply if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • Enrolled UCA student facing financial difficulties.
  • Receiving Maintenance Loan or UCA Financial Assistance Fund
  • Facing financial pressure because of a disability 
  • You are a parent or carer.
  • You are an international student who is facing additional costs because of your immigration status.


What areas of support can you get help with? 

  • Full or partial cover of membership fee to a club or society.
  • Purchase of essential specialist items to take part in an activity, i.e competition kit, sports hijab, boxing gloves or cheerleading shoes.
  • Additional costs to taking part in a club/society/community as a result of a disability.
  • Costs related to tournament fees
  • Committees may apply for financial support for equipment which helps to make your club/society more inclusive and accessible.


Examples of what can’t be included: gym membership, physiotherapy, social events/trips.


What is the application and awards process?

The Activities Team reviews each application on a case by case basis. 

When assessing applications the Activities Team will consider the number of eligibility criteria met and the following points:


  • Has the applicant provided a clear rationale for applying for support to take part in Students’ Union led sports or activities.
  • Is the applicant facing circumstances that are preventing them from taking part in their chosen sport/activity.
  • How important is receiving support so that the applicant can participate.


Please note that the application process is a competitive one and not all applications will be successful. The decision of the panel is final.


Further information



The maximum amount you can apply for is £50. If the total requests for awards exceeds the funding available you may receive a percentage of the amount you asked for. 


Club/Society Membership

Students who are successful in applying for support with the cost of a membership will have their award paid directly into their chosen club/society account on their behalf. You cannot apply for coverage of memberships you have already purchased.


Bank account

Successful awards can only be paid into a UK bank account belonging to the applicant.



Applications are only seen by senior members of staff from the Students’ Union.


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