Farnham K-Pop Club

K-Pop is essentially Korean Pop and once a week we will be holding a dance class teaching a variety of choreographies from both boy and girl groups.


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About Farnham K-Pop Club

Welcome to K-Pop Dance Club!

K-Pop is Korean Pop and once a week we host a dance class, teaching a variety of choreographies from both boy and girl groups. The levels of difficulty vary depending on what song we are learning that class, however, no experience is required and everyone is welcome to join! We will occasionally organise some chill sessions to get to know each other better on a separate day, this could range from a movie night, to karaoke to a games night.

The aim of the club is to create a safe and fun environment where students can just enjoy themselves and make friends, as well as this it is to help students de-stress! You are not required to know the dances or even the genre of music, as everyone is welcome!

Also don't worry if you've missed the first few sessions, you are free to join anytime thoughout year. For any updates regarding the club, check out our Instagram account!



Group President –  Eugenie Biron

Membership President -  Jorja Hodgkins

Experience Membership - Joely O'Neill



UCASU Club of the Year 2022 & 2023

UCASU Best Performance at a Glasshouse Event 2022

UCASU Best Student Performance at an Event for DYNASTY 2020

UCASU Most Improved Club or Society 2020

New Club of the Year 2019


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Instagram: @ucakpopdanceclub