Callum Mitchell

President Surrey Candidate


My name is Callum Mitchell, or Cal to most. I study Graphic Communication on the Farnham campus but some of you may know me for serving you on the bar at Glasshouse. If not behind the bar, maybe on stage as headline DJ at UCA’s favourite Indie Festival, Dreamfields! As an approachable guy, I have always placed myself in social surroundings, interacting and chatting with people. Always wanting to get involved has meant I’ve been part of several teams throughout my time here; being a Junior Designer for the SU, co-founding both the graphic design and table tennis societies and recently joining the UCA Farnham Bears to play rugby.

Within the Union I am also a Student Trustee which allows me to see the Union from a different perspective, giving me knowledge of how I can best use this opportunity to help students. My extensive experience within the Union as well as Presidency would allow me to give you the Uni experience you want and should have.



How would you improve the visibility of the Union (day-to-day activities, as well as events / clubs and societies) to students and university staff?

I would like to put more effort into advertising these activities around the different campuses and possibly monthly meetings with university staff and lecturers to talk about the events and activities we will be running and allow them to spread the word to their courses


What are you doing for BAME students?

Continue the work the current sabbatical officers are doing and encourage collaboration between BAME students and the Union especially with Black History Month


How are you going to help promote employability and post-university success?

Work with the university to see whats currently in place and try and build that bridge between the university and union with employability and opportunity.