What I plan to do over the following year is to be able to create areas and events within the university that allow you to break away from your desk, studio or computer for a while so that your brain can replenish its creativity and productivity.

After studying at UCA Canterbury for over 4 years now I have experienced many highs and lows of university life. I believe I’m the right person for the job as I am a very social person, a good listener and have always tried to help the university along the way. Before continuing on to Part 2 Architecture here I want to fully commit my time to improving the student experience.

Before the current term ends I want to open up discussion with all the current student groups [Sports, Knitting, LGBT, ACS, SES and all other student run societies] to get feedback over the previous years and see how they want to shape the next year. The current student office will become a flexible working space to plan future events, where we will meet regularly to track our progress together over the year. Also using it as a space that groups and socities can use as their own base for their activities. I’ll move into the cupboard next door, which has more than enough space. I’m not saying things will be changing over night but you will see a renewed enthuisiasm that will drive the student experience progressively on through the year.

Over the summer the current bar area will be renovated into the social hub of the university. I will donate my time and experience in construction so that it becomes a creative and sociable space to be enjoyed by all. A space that isn’t just a place you go to get a drink, but has a series of little events for you to enjoy during the day, like a short film, acoustic musician or games for example. Then at night can host regular events and a good place to meet up before heading into town.

On your arrival in September expect an eventful, fun fuelled freshers week, and of course a re-freshers for all current students. I’ll be looking to build a formidable team of frelpers [freshers helpers] to make sure everyone is enjoying their time and settling in well. A guide to studying in Canterbury and what the town has to offer will be available to all students. Enclosed will be a number of discounts, promotional events and offers across the city.

Over the years some students have asked for more non-drink related events during freshers week and beyond. I will be open to feedback before the end of term to find out about what skills, hobbies and activities you would like to share and see take place at the university.

I know how busy students get at certain points over the year, which makes committing to a society challenging. I aim to organise a range of societies and events that will be well timed with the academic year. In conjunction with a series of short, commitment free sporting and fun activities, groups and events throughout the year.



I intend to bring more awareness to the fact that a Womans’ officer position exists in UCA, and to involve more females in the clubs, societies, the student union and the university as a whole.

Also to encourage women to be more involved in the decisions that shape their future.