Creative Burnout Toolkit

University is usually branded as the best and most important years of your life – not only are you in the final stages of your education, but you are also starting to discover who you are as an artist. However, university can be intense and can sometimes take a toll on your health.

The purpose behind this handbook is to help you to understand what creative burnout is, what self and collective care is and how you can take care of yourself during your time at university. There is also a scheduling spread in this toolkit to help you organise and manage your time.

This handbook may not provide all the solutions you could be looking for but, produced on the back of months of research, it may guide you in the right direction, give you an idea of how you can make improvements to your self-care routine and how you can recognise, deal with and prevent burnout.



Having trouble viewing the creative burnout toolkit? You can download a PDF version at the following link:


You can also download separate templates for the Scheduling pages at the following link: