Book Swaps


You can find book exchange points in Farnham, Rochester and Canterbury. These amazing projects rely on donations from students and staff. So if you have a book you no longer wish to keep, why not bring it in and take one in return? There are lots of genres available!



The Book Exchange on the Farnham campus is extra special! Located in the student village, you can grab a book from the refurbished phone box halfway up the village. The phonebox was decommissioned and converted into a book swap by a group of volunteer students who used recycled materials to build the shelves. Furthermore a student design competition decided on the artwork that will be placed all around the phone box. Making it not only a literacy space but also an exhibition of student work!



                                       BEFORE                                                                                         AFTER                                                                                  COMPLETE                                                                                                                                                                




Some of the amazing artwork going up soon:


Top piece by Vicki Carr

Bottom piece by Chloe Clarke





 Piece by Lewis Danielski

Piece by Lewis Danielski


Our amazing volunteers!



The Rochester campus has the largest book exchange collection from across the campuses with more than a hundred books available! It is located in the canteen and stretches from the SU office all the way to the balcony door!

There is definitely something for everyone with titles ranging from murder mysteries and fantasy to course and creative industries books!




The Canterbury Book Exchange can be found by the entrance to the SU office, to the left of the reception desk when you first walk into campus. From Stephen King, course books all the way to fantasy genres, there is something for everyone! There is also a cosy sofa nearby, so it’s a nice corner to sit down and enjoy your book.