Film Society

Film Society is an inclusive, educational, and fun society for all film lovers. We show a range of well-known and obscure films and provide a safe place to healthily debate and discuss them. We believe our members are what makes us a great society and we aim to include as many member suggestions and requests as we can. Additionally, we hold audience submission sessions in which we show films which are selected by our members and have been voted on.

As a free society, we also try to make a contribute on to various charities over the course of the academic year by asking for voluntary donations.

You can find our Facebook group here

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with any member of the committee. You can find us on Facebook or you can email the Group President at:


Group President – Paris Barnes

Membership President – Alice Chadwick

Experience President – Levi Bright



Winner – ‘Society of the Year’ 2020