Netball Club

My name is Hannah and I am the group president of the UCA Farnham Netball Club.
So what’s to expect from netball club? I aim to make this club a fun and enjoyable place for anyone to come and work as a team while also making sure coaching is to a high standard so our team can be successful in future matches and competitions. Don’t worry if you’ve got no experience playing netball, all rules will be taught by a coach so everyone is equal.

I myself have a passion for netball as well as my co- presidents Erin Chandler and Ellie Brown. I have been playing most of my life and I would love to pass that passion onto my future team to make this club amazing!

If you want to keep up exercise, learn new things, become a successful team and just have a really good time with some great new people while your at it, then Netball Club is the place for you!

Check out the Facebook page UCA Farnham Netball Club and give us a direct message to get in touch.



Instagram – ucafarnham_netball



Group President – Hannah Alcock

Membership President – Erin Chandler

Experience President – Ellie Brown



Winner UCASU Awards ‘BUCS CLUB OF THE YEAR’ 2015/16

Winner UCASU Awards ‘BUCS CLUB OF THE YEAR’ 2017/18



2017/18 Team


2016/17 team