Non-Investment with non sustainable and other questionable companies and organisations

Proposed By: Charlotte Lawrence (Farnham Campus Officer)


This policy is to create and agreement between both the University of the Creative Arts and the University for the Creative Arts Students’ Union. This policy will create the agreement that both the University and the Union will not invest their money into companies or organisations that are related to; both directly and indirectly, Fossil Fuels, Non Sustainable organisations, Arms Dealerships, Terrorism, and Modern Slavery.


  1. The Union believes that students have a right to be able to access the University’s and Union’s investment portfolio, if and when one is created.
  2. The Union believes that students have a right to comment and question the University’s and Union’s investment choices.
  3. The Freedom of expression and speech is a basic human right and is protected by Law.
  4. Open debate is central to academic freedom, and is protected by an Act of Parliament relating to freedom of speech and academic freedom on campus.
  5. This is also in conjunction with the Freedom of Information Act.


Initial Process

If and When the University or Union decide to invest their money into a company or organisation, a committee should be held that hold representatives from both the University and the Union to discuss the initial investment groups.

Parties involved do not need to discuss amounts being invested, but use the committee as a way to discuss the choice of investment, their benefit and reflection on the student body, the organisation and their ties to other organisations.

The University and Union note the sensitivity of the information that is shared in mutual respect between both parties.


To Note

Currently there is no list, however when a list is created this policy will be updated and it will be a non-exhaustive list. The Committee therefor will be tasked with managing and updating as necessary.

At the time of the creation of this policy, the companies and organisations above are deemed to not comply with the policy, on noted grounds. However the University and Union note that this list may change and need updating in the future.

When looking for potential investment partners, the following should be considered first; Sustainable Clean Technologies, Green Energy, Creative based initiatives, Student Positive Organisations etc.