Making the Student Council better known throughout all

Proposer: Eira Cannon (Students with Disabilities Officer, Farnham)

Seconder: Alexandros Kriticos (Student Experience Officer, Farnham)

The Union notes:

  • That many students at UCA are not aware of the Student Council
  • The Council could be beneficial to students
  • That the Council is here to serve the students of the university

The Union believes:

  • Students should know who the members of the Student Council are.
  • Students should know where to find members of the Student Council and how to contact them
  • Students should know what the roles of the Council members are
  • Students should feel comfortable talking to members of the Council.

The Union resolves:

  • The union will place photographs of the Student Council members on noticeboards around the university
  • The Union will allow the Student Council to take part in Campus Officer Drop-ins (Surgeries)
  • The Union will make sure that all members of the Student Councils will have tshirts stating their roles
  • The union will encourage the Student Councils to come in on open days
  • The Union will have a dedicated page on the website for the Student Council
  • The Union will organize afternoons where when Council are available to consultation events with students
  • The union will create a blog for students to get in contact with Council members.