Current Policies

In Student Council and in the Annual General Meeting, Student Council Officers and students are given opportunities to submit new policy for UCASU to follow.

This gives you the power to direct the Union and to make sure it’s doing what you want.

Name of PolicyBrief DescriptionDue to Lapse
Student Accommodation Energy Saving InitiativeRedeemable credit for energy savings in accommodationJune 2016
Communication of clubs and SocietiesCommunicate and promote clubs and socs moreApril 2017
Raising Awareness of Student CouncilCommunicate and promote student council moreApril 2017
De-recognise Inactive CouncillorsDe-recognise inactive student council officersApril 2017
More Student Opportunities in the Local CommunitySource voluntary student opportunities from the local areaApril 2017
Improving the Quality and Value of Food at UCAImprove quality of food at UCAApril 2017
No Platform for Fascism and Racism at UCANo Platform speakers or groups that hold racist or fascist views.April 2017
Non-Investment with non sustainable and other questionable companies and organisations Continue not to invest in fossil fuels or unethical companies.December 2018
Gender Neutral Facilities Provide gender neutral toilets in every UCA building.December 2018
Transgender and Non-Binary PolicyBetter represent the needs of transgender and non-binary studentsFebruary 2019
Student Cross Discipline CollaborationCreate a platform through which students can collaborate with each other.February 2019

Constitution and Bye-Laws

Trustee Board

For more information about our Trustee Board and its members please go here.

Executive Committee

Our Executive Committee is composed of four Campus Officers, who you can find out more about here.

Below are the minutes from 2015/16’s Executive Committee.

Exec Minutes- 14.10.15

Exec Minutes – 27.11.15

Exec Minutes – 20.1.16

Exec Minutes – 16.3.16

Exec Minutes – 29.3.16 Emergency Meeting