Some Information about the Trump Rally & Grenfell Silent Walk

June is around the corner and it is looking to be a fairly interesting month for us all. Not only is June the end of May (see what I did there?!), there are many political and social events going on but I wanted to make you all aware of two important events that you should attend, if you can.

Firstly, Donald Trump will be coming to the UK for a state visit from Monday 3rd June to Wednesday 5th June; and on Tuesday 4th, there will be a march against Trump and his harmful politics.

The march will take place from 11am starting in Trafalgar Square and ending ‘wherever Trump will be on that day’ by 5pm. Last year’s march saw hundreds of thousands of people take to the streets of London to protest against him being allowed to come to the UK for a state visit and protesting other fascists the UK. This march will be a chance for many to stand in solidarity with minority communities that are marginalised by their political leaders and other members of authority.

The UCASU sabbatical officers will be marching alongside other students’ union officers, trade unions and the general public. If you would like more information about this, please check out and if you like to make your way there, there will be several coaches from outside London, please check out Alternatively, if you would like to come with us, let drop a message myself, Riley or Marta and we can arrange a meeting point.

Another important event going on is the Grenfell Silent Walk on Friday 14th June. Two years ago to that day, 72 lives were reported lost after a fire ripped through North Kensington’s Grenfell Tower. The Anniversary Silent Walk, which has been organised by Grenfell United, will be a march to support the survivors, the bereaved and those affects by the tragic incident of Wednesday 14th June 2017 as well as a call for justice, accountability and housing for those who had to evacuate their premises.

There will be a multi-faith vigil being held prior to the silent walk. For more information, please check out @GrenfellUnited on Twitter and/or Instagram. If you do attend, please be aware that this is a sensitive event attended by survivors and bereaved families, as well as emergency services who were there on the night of the fire.

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