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Missed me? Well it’s been a month and we are at my favourite month of the year- LGBTQ+ History Month! This gives me the amazing reason (and excuse) to dedicate this month’s blogpost to this wonderful topic. I’m going to use this platform to introduce you to one of the sides of the LGBTQ+ community the UK doesn’t see- the Polish side.. I’m going to talk about it from both a positive and a negative side, so if it’s a topic that’s sensitive to you I advise skipping this next paragraph and jump back in for the happy ending J

So I recently learned that my hometown – Olsztyn, which is in the North East of Poland- is going to host its first ever Pride which is a very big deal and it’s going to be a historical event! So my thoughts about this are quite mixed. I’m both super proud and happy that this is finally going to happen and terrified of how it’s going to be received by the general public…
To give you a brief background of the LGBTQ+ situation in Poland- unless you’re a celebrity being openly out is generally risky because you can literally never know whether people are going to ignore it, accept it or react violently. This is why Pride in Poland is a really big and bold political move. Journalists, TV presenters and politicians who attend those sort of events risk their career. Why? It’s because they’re lefties and obviously “homo”… oh no, forget being called an ally (bearing in mind this is from a very generalised POV, there are accepting communities, I’ve never come across one in real life though..) I’ve seen the article about this pride on a Facebook page of a local newspaper and I started worrying after I read a few of the comments underneath that were, as expected very offensive and sad. On Saturday 16th the initiators of this incentive, 4 high school girls who are political activists, are organising a support march/ debate to see if the Mayor still agrees to sponsor Pride. I’ll be looking out for what the newspapers write after this weekend and will keep you updated.

The second most positive thing I wanted to talk about was an initiative a High School has come up with along with an LGBTQ+ charity “Love doesn’t exclude” – they are promoting something every high school in Poland can take part in, which is the “Prom of equality”. The student body in schools decide that they want to hold this prom, where there are couples that are mixed and of the same gender and no one is forced to dance with someone of a different gender just because “it’s what is expected at a cultural event”.
Watch this amazing video (it has English subtitles) to see the whole initiative.

Have a good rest of your month!

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