Happy New Year everyone! Hope you had a good break, for those who spend it working – go you!;  for those who spend their time relaxing – good for you :) !

I’m sure you were all impatiently waiting to hear about things I’ve been working on, as you were all wondering “what is she doing??”. Well here you go! In this blog I’m going to tell you what the progress on my campaigns is, other things I’ve been doing as side projects and what meetings absorbed so much of my time…

Catering aka FOOD!
I’ve been meeting up with the Catering manager since the beginning of September to work out what needs change, what’s physically possible to change and how can we make canteens a better place. I was able to lead this campaign during the Freshers fairs and was asking you about what you were willing to pay for a meal… wonder what the £3.50 pot meals were? That should answer your question :) , same with the allergy advice for each dish, though I’m going to push for ingredients list as some people are allergic to things that are not obvious allergens and we support diversity so let’s hope we can achieve that!

Accessible Accommodation
Paired up with the Disability Liberation Groups and managed to gather amazing and extensive feedback, which once put together will be presented to the Accommodation Department and we’ll be able to compare students’ requirements with their fair assessment criteria to make sure all of your needs are being addressed.

International Student Assembly
I was able to host the assemblies on each campus in first term, but wasn’t able to engage with you enough then.. I’m looking for suggestions on how I could possibly improve their structure to meet your needs and wishes to bring our EU and International peeps together in the best possible interactive way as I’m looking to relaunch the meet-ups this term. Look out for some advertising!

Collab w/t LSS on Mental Health
So this has been quite successful! We are in regular meetings where we discuss what things are happening and how the LSS and library can get involved and vice-versa! It’s a very creative process where we exchange our ideas and plans and seek projects on which we can work together. Hopefully as the weather will be getting milder, I’ll be able to organise “Pet days” that all of you have been looking forward to so much.

This is something I’m really passionate to make happen, and I’ve been working up to it since the summer but it was a lengthy process that finally is coming to the point where YOU can get involved too, yes – You!
On the Farnham Campus, there are BT phone boxes (on Castle Field) which have been out of order for quite a while. Working together with the Estates department we managed to get the phones taken out, the connection stopped and they will get cleaned too. We are looking to customise them to make them into Book Shelters (you can put a book in and take a book out in exchange). The plan for now is: Feel free to donate any spare books and bring them to your local SU office, once we gathered enough books and came up with how they are getting installed on the other campuses, we will invite you to events, where you will be able to make the shelves fun- we’re an arts uni, let’s show the world how much (biodegradable!) glitter we can glue to one piece of wood, haha (I know how much we all love glitter J )

Other than those campaigns, I’ve been doing smaller, yet important bits that I have been given feedback on and decided to help with- like making sure there are sanitary bins in the men’s toilets on the Farnham campus ( in the Refectory and the Library, most attended) as they are not gender neutral or taking down “dispose feminine hygiene products” sign in Epsom toilets, because we like to keep it nice and inclusive of all!
I also sit in meetings such as the Board of Governors, University Executive Group, Policy & Procedures and Student Success Committees… they are really important and I’m honoured to be representing you at those meetings, but they also consume a lot of time, but don’t worry- I’ve got this!

Look out for Simone’s and Riley’s blogs in the coming weeks…. SEE YOU SOON!

- Your president

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