The 'Just A Card' campaign was started by print and card-maker Sarah Hamilton, who wanted to put an end to customers feeling guilty about making small purchases from independent sellers.  She found that customers would often leave independent shops empty-handed rather than buy a small item as they felt that a small purchase might be considered insulting, when in fact, it would be very much appreciated.  "Artists, designers, makers, independent shops and galleries appreciate all support," she says.  "When people are kind enough to make any purchase, however small, it really can mean make or break to a small business."

The campaign hopes to raise awareness that artists are happy to be supported no matter how big or small that support may be.  The idea is that a customer needs to feel no guilt about buying 'just a card' - the artist will still be grateful for their patronage.  Hopefully, if more people feel encouraged to buy from independent artists then less small shops and galleries will have to close due to lack of income.

This may not directly affect you now, but if you've started showing your work at art fairs you may have experienced first hand how disheartening it can be when lots of people pass by your work and show interest, yet do not buy anything.  By displaying a 'Just A Card' campaign poster or flyer on your stall, then it demonstrates that you appreciate any purchase no matter how the size.  You can download flyers and posters from the 'Just A Card' website, or there are website buttons available to display on your webshop.

Sarah and the rest of the team of volunteers behind 'Just A Card' are hoping to spread the word as much as possible regarding the campaign to make the world aware of it.  Use the hashtag #justacard to share your views!

JUST A CARD - A4 Poster

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