Clubs & Socs

Being at UCA isn’t all hard work, so we provide the opportunity for students to participate in Clubs and Societies by either running one or being a member.

From interest, academic and cultural based societies, to fitness and team sports, there is a dedicated member of staff to equip you with the skills and support to accomplish your vision. They provide support for any student who wants to start their own group, so no previous experience needed.


Please note that Clubs and Society Memberships are non-refundable. 


Start a new Club/Society

If you're interested in being a part of a Sports Club but it doesnt exist yet, click here!

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Committee resources

Here you can find useful documents that will help you with the everyday running of your club or society.

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Useful information

Everything you need to know about awards and recognition, clothing and facilities.

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Participation Fund

Any UCA student can apply for the Participation Fund if they encounter financial or equipment barriers to taking part in Clubs, Societies and Communities. Clubs, Societies and Communities are an important part of extra-curricular life at UCA and support student wellbeing and learning while at university. No student should feel like they cannot take part or are at a disadvantage due to financial hardship or the need to purchase additional materials.

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Identity Communities

Under the umbrella of Communities, we have four ‘Identity Communities’. These are based on the National Union of Students’ four main liberation campaigns:

  • Women Students
  • Disabled Students
  • Students of Colour (formerly known as BAME Students)
  • LGBTQ+ Students

You can take part in any Identity Community you identify into – the Students of Colour Community is for black or minority ethnicity students only, LGBTQ+ Students Community is for students who are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*, Queer+ only, and so on. Our Women Students Community is Trans*-inclusive.
These Communities will run events and campaigns throughout the year, with the support of the Union. You can join an Identity Community by clicking the link at the bottom of that Community’s page, represent your Identity Community at Union Justice Groups, or you can volunteer to be a leader for an Identity Community and help to make it a fun and supportive space for students.

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adoption list

Groups up for adoption are groups which have existed before and are looking for committee members to take them over! This means that for some of these groups, we may already have equipment or facilities set up and ready to go.

If you're interested in adopting one of these clubs or societies, contact Vanessa Silva at or submit the 'Start A New Club or Society' Form above.

Here is a list of all clubs and societies that are up for adoption:

Cheerleading Club

Football Club

Islamic Society

Dance Club

African-Caribbean Society

Anime and Manga Society

Basketball Club

Music Society

Film Society

Graphic Design Society

Photography Society

Table Tennis Club

Current Clubs & Societies

  • (Stu)dio Society

    Open to all UCA students! The (stu)dio is a multi-disciplinary creative collaboration studio.

  • Epsom Badminton Club

    Coming Soon!

  • Epsom Cheerleading Club

    Cheerleading is a no experience necessary club! We are a Co-Ed Level 1 team and we learn stunting, tumbling, jumps and dancing.

  • Epsom Christian Union

    Christian Union is a community for anyone who is exploring their faith and wants to dig in deeper into Christianity.

  • Epsom Disabled Students Community

    The Disabled Students Community exists to provide a safe space for disabled students on campus.

  • Epsom Dungeons and Dragons Society

    We aim to run a consistent Dungeons and Dragons 5e campaign on a weekly basis, relaxing and having fun, and strengthening friendships through the crucible of combat, fire, blood, and death.

  • Epsom LGBTQ+ Students Community

    The LGBTQ+ Students Community exists to provide a safe space for LGBTQ+ students on campus.

  • Epsom Netball Club

    Netball is a great way to build up your fitness as well as having fun! We will be practicing every week to eventually play some competitive games.

  • Epsom Students of Colour Community

    The Students of Colour Community exists to provide a safe space for black or minority ethnicity students on campus.

  • Epsom Women Students Community

    The Women Students (Trans*-inclusive) Community exists to provide a safe space for female students on campus.

  • Epsom Yoga Club

    Feeling stressed? Just book a moment for yourself at Yoga club and disconnect from the daily grind. Treat yourself and make sure you are taking care of your body as well as your mind.