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UCASU Elections The Roles!

The UCASU Elections are about to begin... Do you know what roles you can nominate yourself for? What do the elected Presidents and Part-Time Officers do for YOU? Read on to find out more.

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As a UCA student, you can run for President at any point during your studies – to do this you would need to take a sabbatical.

Or you can run for President in your final year and if successful, you will take on the position once you have graduated!


President Kent and President Surrey are the figureheads of our Students’ Union – the two elected Presidents are full-time and paid for their term in office.

Presidents are elected to be in the position for one year and have the option of re-running for one more term, meaning that they can be in the role for a maximum of 2 years.

The role of the President is to oversee the strategic direction of UCASU and take forward student feedback or concerns to the highest level in the University.


Some of the Presidents’ main role responsibilities include:

Delivering on elected manifesto points – the basis that nominations are run on.

Leading on UCASU campaigns such as “Something Not Right?” and “It’s Not OK”.

Member of Board of Governors; representing students’ interests at the highest decision making body in the University. 

Acting as a trustee of UCASU; ensuring that UCASU is making decisions that are in the best interest of students.


Being President gives you the incredible opportunity to elevate the voice of 6000 students at UCA, and to deliver on projects and campaigns that matter to YOU.

You’ll learn transferable skills such as negotiation, communication, self-awareness, conflict resolution and more – all of these will look great on your CV, not to mention the experience you’ll gain to back them up. 

Presidents are also paid a salary of £18,500*, get 25 days holiday (and bank holidays), receive training opportunities, and work with the fantastic & supportive UCASU staff team!


Will you be continuing your studies at UCA in the next academic year?

Are you passionate about elevating the voice of students?

You should consider running for one of our twelve Part-Time Officer (PTO) positions! Being a PTO gives you the opportunity to volunteer alongside your studies.

There are three roles for each campus – 3x Undergraduate PTOs, 3 Postgrad PTOs and 3 Open (FE, UG or PG) PTOs!


Some of the PTOs main role responsibilities include:

Union Council; this all-student committee, made up of Presidents and Part-Time Officers, discuss both UCASU and University matters as well as create and vote on motions that impact the running of the Students' Union.

Be the student representation for not only your respective campus but the entire UCA student body. This means taking feedback from students across campuses to the Union Council and beyond.

To deliver on elected manifesto points.

Get involved with the planning and running of UCASU events!


As a Part-Time Officer, you will have the fantastic opportunity to be directly involved with the Students’ Union, have a say in how large scale events are run, have responsibility for elevating the voice of 6000 students as well as delivering on projects and campaigns that matter to YOU

In your volunteer position, you’ll learn invaluable transferable skills such as communication, influencing others, teamwork and more - all of these will look great on your CV, not to mention the experience you’ll gain to back them up. 

You’ll have the support of the two elected Presidents, receive training opportunities and have the opportunity to work with a fantastic and supportive staff team within UCASU.



If you'd like to find out more about the elections, pop into the UCASU office on your campus, email or click here. 


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