Rochester Performing Arts Society

Get involved in taking part in a variety of performances and learn new skills.


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About Rochester Performing Arts Society

Join us every Friday 6 - 8pm for games, rehearsals for our upcoming performances and you can help us organise different events planned within the society! All kinds of people from behind the scenes helpers to performers are welcome! If you are in joining the society and have question about the society in general, don't hesitate to email us or message us via our social media handles below! :)



Leaders: Anna Poulton and Heather White

Vice President: Isobel Shuttlewood

Experience President is a job that is available with the people in the society!

COVID-19 Safety Information:


The following are the measures we will be implementing to keep our activities safe:

  • Health - Do not leave home if you or anyone in your household has COVID 19 symptoms or if you think you have been in contact with someone with COVID-19. Please consult the NHS COVID-19 webpage for latest symptoms information and arrange for a test.

  • Face coverings aren't compulsory as of the government announcements, so if you are of a 2-metres of a society member in the Project Space then you can take your mask off however if you are walking around a confined space where it isn't possible to keep a 2-metre distance or if you need to look at something that a society member is showing you, please wear a face covering to prevent spread of COVID-19. These rules will change based on the government guidelines.

Reasons to Join the Performing Arts Society:


  • You do not need to be good at performing if you want to perform. Perfection comes with practice!
  • It is an amazing way of us all, coming together and putting our creative talents towards something with a positive outcome which is raising money for charity!
  • You will be able to get into events arranged by us for cheaper than those who are not part of the society!
  • You only need to be committed weekly if you are a performer. If you prefer to be part of our backstage crew, you can come to sessions as little or as often as you like, however please be aware of deadlines for requests for stuff we might need, for example: Props, costumes etc.
  • You can join online if getting to the campus is an issue, but if you are a performer, it is much preferred that you come in person and you will need to come in person sometimes to workout formations for group dance numbers etc.
  • If you have ever had an idea of a performance but have never had the chance to make it come to life, now is your opportunity to bring that performance to life. You can lead a performance for the setlist, or if this is too much to do by yourself, we can help you out to put your idea onto the stage.
  • It would grow your portfolio!
  • It is worth mentioning that there may be a small membership fee in the future in order for us to be able to run the events, but remember you will have reduced entry fee to the events we organise. There will be need of a membership president at that time but they will be decided nearer the time.
  • The main goal is to put on a show next year, around Christmas time, so at the moment we are fundraising and practising performances for us to perfect over the next year!
  • We have game and film nights along the way too!


We look forward to meeting you!