Farnham Trans & Trans Ally Society

Here you will find a safe and welcoming space for anyone questioning or under the trans umbrella! (allies are welcome too!)

About Farnham Trans & Trans Ally Society

Hello! We are the Trans Society! We provide a safe space for any students identifying under the transgender umbrella and Allies.
potential events/activities include:
- a monthly meetings welcome to all, in which gender and identity can be discussed freely and safely.
-a trip to brighton trans
- collaborating with other societies for events
- charity events where all would be donated to a trans charity
- art showcase relating to gender and gender identity
- a group through which students can liaise in order to anonymously report incidents or suggestions.
- queer crits where people can discuss their identity based work.
- zine making

Generally just having a visible group/community to show trans students that they have a safe space and people to come to if necessary.


We meet on alternate Mondays from 5:30-8pm. Location TBC. 



Group President – Lewis Danielski

Membership President – 

Experience Membership – 



UCASU Committee of the Year 2020

UCASU New Society of the Year 2019