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Hello writer, Welcome to our Creative Writing Society!


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About Epsom Creative Writing Society

Hello writer,

Welcome to our Creative Writing Society! ????? We're a fun and inclusive community where anyone can unleash their imagination and share their stories. Join us for inspiring workshops, engaging discussions, and supportive feedback. Sessions where you will learn and grow not only as a writer but also as an individual.

Everyone is welcome to join us. If you have never written any story in your life, trust me you don't have to worry, we are here to help you and create a whole new experience with you!

If you are creative and good with words, what are you waiting for? Join our Society and share your stories!

Don't leave that story lying in a drawer gathering dust. Join our society and lets create stories together! 


Thursdays 5-7pm. Room 117.



Group President - Mariana Silva

Membership President - Arly Arteaga

Experience President - Vacant