Epsom Basketball Club

Welcome to Epsom Basketball!


  • Epsom Basketball Club Alumni Membership£30.00
  • Epsom Basketball Club Staff Membership£30.00
  • Epsom Basketball Club Standard Membership£30.00

About Epsom Basketball Club

Welcome to the Basketball Club!

Anyone who likes playing basketball is welcome to join! In this club, we play games amongst ourselves making full use of the court, with plans to implement training drills and competitive league games. Regardless of level, there's a place for anything or anyone basketball here- learn, laugh and compete.

We recommend any who have to bring their own basketball. Don't forget to bring a drink, full court basketball is a different beast.

We train at Blenheim High School Sports Hall from 8-9:30pm starting 26th January. 

As the club is new we have 2 tasters sessions to get enough members so please come along and join!



Group President - Ethan Diakite

Vice President- Arjun Nair