Gaebriel Min
President Surrey

PRESIDENT Surrey – Gaebriel Min

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Hiya! I’m Gaebriel (pronounced GAY-bree-ehl).

I studied Graphic Communications at UCA Farnham and finished my course this last June.

I had the opportunity in my last year of study to work at the Students’ Union as the Design Assistant and took the opportunity to extend my time with the Union by being elected by the student body as President Surrey.

There are many things I am aiming to accomplish this year to better the student experience on all 4 campuses. With your help, I hope to Cancel Colonial Curricula, Demonstrate Diversity, Cultivate Creative Communities, Strengthen Student Support, Activate Accessibility, and Implement International Inclusivity.

As President Surrey, my role is to represent the student community of UCA to the University and fight for your voice and the overall student experience. Although I am primarily located on the Farnham and Epsom campuses, I work closely with President Kent to make sure all the campuses are equitably represented.

The Students’ Union is shaped by you, the students, and as we are the only organisation on campus that is solely for the support of students, we need your input to get the support you need.

My door is always open to you, whether that’s for a chat about student needs, a wee rant about your course, or a game of monopoly (however, I will win and I will not hold back). Besides that, feel free to email/message me on Facebook or stop me on campus.

I hope to see you around and Welcome to UCA!

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The basic job description for President:

The President will:
• Be the figurehead of Surrey campuses
• Develop campaigns in students’ interests
• Sit on relevant committees, including the Board of Governors
• Liaise with the University on the development of the student experience, complaints, equal opportunities and disciplinary procedures.