UCA strives to be a safe space for everybody, here at the Students’ Union we try to provide this space. It sometimes however is not always the case and too often people are subject to discrimination and hate just for being themselves. In response to this, we have created assets for you to wear on your clothes, stick on your laptops, in your accommodation or put it anywhere where people can see them. We want to show the world that we don’t tolerate hate crime and we demand a culture of respect and consent here at UCA. Join us by taking these stickers and pins and show everyone that you support us in not tolerating this culture of harassment and disrespect. Below are the stickers we are handing out. We have: Shut Down Hate – Stand up and shut down comments of racism, transphobia or homophobia. And: It’s Not OK – Only yes means yes and if it’s not consensual it’s not ok.

By wearing these stickers and supporting our campaign we can make a difference together. Only as a community can we cut down this culture of disrespect and discrimination so thank you for your support. If there’s anything you want to report to us, no matter how small if you feel safe to do so, please report it using the Tell Us form by clicking on the link below. Here’s a list of some of our flyers we’re distributing



What’s not OK?

• Sending nudes or sexual imagery to somebody who hasn’t asked for it.
• Catcalling or disrespectful comments, whether this be on appearance, behaviour or anything else. If it makes someone feel uncomfortable, it’s not OK!
• Touching or groping somebody in a nightclub for example or a bar isn’t right. It’s their body, you’re entitled to none of it.
• Following someone home for any reason is not OK. If you’re making sure they get home safe then walk with them but only if they’re happy with it.
• Repeatedly sending messages of a sexual nature to someone who doesn’t want it is harassment. Just don’t do it.
• Sexual acts of any kind without consent is most definitely NOT OK.
• Also to infer consent based on previous encounters isn’t consent. People change their minds.

If you have faced any issues and would like advice or support, you can contact us via the form on the link below.

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