Action for Black Students

In light of global protests against racism and police brutality, we are gathering to build a campaign at UCA that challenges racism and improves black students’ lives. You are the heart of this campaign. This is why we need to know more about your experiences as black students, and we’re asking you to join a campaign group that will have our funding and support to make real change.

Your answers to the following questions will be seen by a core team of UCASU staff, and by the black students who form the campaign group. They will not be shared anywhere else unless you have given permission to do so. All of the feedback we receive will help us and the campaign group to decide what actions we need to take, and what we need to prioritise first. If you have any questions, please contact Sophie Jackson at


Further Opportunities

We have a BAME Community on each campus, run by BAME students, for BAME students. ‘BAME’ stands for Black and Minority Ethnicities. These Communities are funded and supported by UCASU, but it’s up to you to make them what you want. In the past, UCASU’s BAME Communities have organised open mic nights, assisted in anti-racist campaigns, and offered support and fun. You can volunteer to be a BAME Community leader for 2020/21 by emailing Sophie Jackson at – all four Communities are in need of leaders! If you want to be part of a BAME Community but not as a leader, keep an eye out for meetups and activities which we will advertise on our website and across social media in 2020/21.

African-Caribbean Society

If you’re a Farnham student, you can join the African-Caribbean Society. Here is a message from the ACS committee:

“ACS is a safe place for all black people to have a home away from home while at uni, where we have fun activities, socials, and talks about things that make us who we are and obstacles that we face.”

Join here, or by searching “UCA Farnham ACS” on Facebook: