No Platform Policy


Valid from: 27 January 2021

Reviewal date: 27 January 2024

The Union notes:

  1. That racism and fascism are still rife in all aspects of society and should be confronted wherever uncovered.
  2. That students and Students’ Unions have a long proud record of achievement in the fight against racism and fascism.
  3. That the Union itself should be at the forefront of campaigns to combat prejudice on the form of ethnic origin or religious belief i.e. racism, fascism.

The Union believes:

  1. That a no platform policy is a key element in the fight against racism across all campuses.
  2. That the no platform policy compliments standing Equal Opportunity polices and the Public Order Act.
  3. That no platform policies safeguard members from being subjected to lies, bigotry, and hatred expressed by racists and fascists.
  4. That members are unaware of the policy’s implications, what it concerns, as well as definitive spaces and areas it applies to.

This Union resolves:

  1. To not allow any individual known to hold racist or fascist views from entering Union premises and reject individuals on University property.
  2. To not allow any individuals known to hold racist or fascist views to speak at an event associated with the Union.
  3. That no written or recorded materials containing fascists or racist comments shall be distributed with the Union or Union premises.
  4. That no elected officer of the Union will speak on a platform with an individual known to hold racist or fascist views.
  5. To widely publicise this policy to its members and the institution.
  6. To incorporate the policy into the Union’s disciplinary procedure and use accordingly.
  7. That it is the responsibility of the Executive Committee to educate members on the issues surrounding the policy.