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UCU Solidarity Statement

UCASU release this statement regarding the UCU Industrial Action at UCA. Read on to learn more about the strikes and how to get involved.

Statement on UCU Solidarity

Because staff working conditions are our students' learning conditions, the University for the Creative Arts Students' Union stands in solidarity with the members of UCU.

From your President Surrey & Kent

To date, UCASU has not taken an active role to support the UCU Industrial Action because we had not heard sufficient support from students to do so. As your elected Presidents, we have to make sure that we accurately represent you, the students, in every action we take. As a Students’ Union, our constitution states that we are shaped purely by the student community. Because of this, the UCASU does not move on matters unless we are informed by you, the students.

In the past days, we have seen and heard a considerable number of our student community express their support for the UCU and in turn, a desire for UCASU to show solidarity and support for the movement. On Tuesday evening, one of our elected Union Council members presented a motion in favour of UCASU supporting the UCU Industrial Action, which was then passed in a democratic vote. Therefore, we are formally moved to actively support the UCU with their movement and associated Industrial Action.

The UCU movement is not only for the benefit of staff but also for the benefit of the student experience at UCA. By supporting the staff here at UCA, we are actively contributing to the betterment of our education, campus culture, and community – something we trust you will join us in doing. 

In solidarity,
Gaeb & Sol


How do I get involved?

Email the Vice-Chancellor


Dear Vice-Chancellor,

I am writing to you as a student at the University for the Creative Arts to express my views on the ongoing UCU strikes. I believe that everyone deserves fair pay and sustainable working conditions. With staff experiencing increasing stress related to workloads, it is no surprise that there is a mental health crisis amongst both staff and students in our universities. This means our lecturers are taking more time off, resulting in inconsistent teaching for us. Similarly, because 30% of our teaching is undertaken by lecturers on precarious contracts, they aren’t here long enough to invest in our university experience.

Universities should be equitable institutions, where everyone can work, learn and study to their highest ability – but conditions like these only set us back. I fully support UCU in their strike action. It is for the good of our community if the problems that have caused this dispute are reconciled as quickly as possible. I hope you use the influence you have to create working conditions of which UCA staff can be proud.

Staff working conditions directly affect student learning conditions. Unless action is taken soon, working at UCA will become unsustainable, and I fear that we will lose out on the talented educators that make our experience world class.

Yours faithfully,
[your name]


Support the UCU pickets

Official pickets can only be carried out by members of the trade union. If you plan to show your solidarity at the picket line, you should speak to the picket line supervisor to understand how you can help.

Canterbury - Tuesday 22 March from 8:30am - 11am
Farnham - Wednesday 23 March from 9am - 12 midday

Please do not:
- Persuade employees not to enter
- Physically prevent people from entering campus
- Be verbally aggressive
- Be disrespectful to others|
- Damage UCA property


For more information on the strike and how to get involved, please go to



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