Events Form

Thank you for contacting the Union for support with your Event/Fundraising Event. Before we can assist, you we ask that you complete the following things:

  • Read through the toolkit, particularly if you are Fundraising
  • Read and fill in this document in as thoroughly as possible
  • Fill out the below form with as much information as possible
  • E.g Club Night, Gig...
  • Provide more than one date, incase the preferred date is not available.
  • Internal venue, room or External?
  • Musicians, Comedians, DJ, Stalls, Themes, Face Paint Stands etc...
  • Equipment, Food, Staff...
  • List who in your group/class is responsible for what in organising the event.
  • Who will be attending your event?
  • How much is it costing you to run the Event.
  • Self-funded, clubs or societies
  • Please outline what areas of your event you require help with from the Union. E.g Marketing, tickets etc...
  • Any further information please include here.