Clubs & Socs

Here at Epsom, we have a wide variety of activities for you to take part in. From sports teams and fitness classes, to religious, cultural, interest and academic societies, there is something for everybody. Clubs and Societies are run by students for students. And if you can't found something you are interested in, we can support you in starting your own club or society!


Start a new Club/Society

If you're interested in being a part of a Club or Society but it doesnt exist yet, click here!

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Committee resources

Here you can find useful documents that will help you with the everyday running of your club or society.

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Useful information

Everything you need to know about awards and recognition, clothing and facilities.

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Participation Fund

Any UCA student can apply for the Participation Fund if they encounter financial or equipment barriers to taking part in Clubs and Societies. Clubs and Societies are an important part of extra-curricular life at UCA and support student wellbeing and learning while at university. No student should feel like they cannot take part or are at a disadvantage due to financial hardship or the need to purchase additional materials.

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Committee Elections

Positions available for each club/society:


The GROUP PRESIDENT is responsible for general day-to-day running of the club/society and shall be entitled to represent the club/society at all times in matters affecting its interests. This includes scheduling regular meetings of the committee and the group, communicating with relevant companies and the Students’ Union. They shall look after the financial structures, risk assessments and planning of the group and chair the AGM and Committee Elections.


The MEMBERSHIP PRESIDENT is responsible for the marketing, recruitment, promotion and organisation of the membership. They will be responsible for maintaining the group’s social media and making sure it is up to date, robust and affective. They are also in charge of increasing and managing the group’s members and that all the membership and committee are following the constitution and bylaws.


The EXPERIENCE PRESIDENT is responsible for the event organisation, socials, campaigns, fundraising initiatives, welfare and inclusivity of the group. They will take a lead on talking to relevant companies, stakeholders and the Students’ Union. They will ensure that the club/society is being as inclusive as it can within the parameters of their activity and ensure student safety is a priority. They signpost to relevant services and ensure the group is being a positive influence on campus and the membership.

Current Club & Societies