Disability History Month 2021

A key part of our mission is to represent students from all backgrounds and experiences and celebrate the diversity of everyone who is part of UCA, as well as ensuring that nobody is at a disadvantage due to the colour of their skin or their life experiences. Part of this mission is achieved through events that allow members of UCA to learn more about a particular culture or group of people and in turn celebrate our differences. By building this awareness, we hope to promote a welcoming and inclusive environment at UCA, ensuring that no student or staff member feels dismissed or victimised due to their differences. Events like Disability History Month are important to increasing understanding and acceptance of diversity, but this is just the start for UCASU. 

Disability History Month runs from the 18th November until the 18th December; it's now in its twelfth year! This year, the two joint themes are "Hidden Impairments" and "Relationships and Sex". You can find out more about this year's themes, as well as find external events celebrating Disability History Month on the UKDHM website here.



Online accessibility at uca survey

We researching into how accessible the online resources you use at UCA are – could a small adjustment to myUCA make it better for you? Does the format of the text on myWellbeing make it harder to find what you're looking for? Findings from this research will be presented to the University and we will continue to work with them on improving your online resources. The survey will be open until Tuesday 14th December.

Take the Accessibility Survey here!



British Sign Language Taster Sessions

We are running two taster sessions where you can learn valuable skills including British Sign Language and finger spelling. These sessions are held by Dot Sign Language who use deaf instructers, supported by BSL interpreters, you can find out more about their work here. Both sessions are the same, so you only need to attend one date.

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Disabled Students Drop In

Come along to meet other disabled students, share experiences, and learn about what UCASU has to offer disabled students, including finding out more about the cross-campus identity communities.

Thursday 18th November - 4pm till 6pm

Canterbury - Cragg Seminar Room

Thursday 25th November - 4pm till 6pm

Epsom - Canteen

Thursday 2nd December - 4pm till 6pm

Farnham - W612

Thursday 9th December - 4pm till 6pm

Rochester - Canteen



Learn about Disabled Students Allowance

Find out more about Disabled Students Allowance, including what you could be eligible for in terms of support and equipment during your time at university. This session is run in collaboration with Ultima Education. The session will be run online on Tuesday 30th November from 4pm till 5pm.

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