From the bylaws 174-178

174. The following complaints procedure shall be made available to all students or groups of students who are dissatisfied in their dealings with the Union or claim to be unfairly disadvantaged by reason of their having exercised their right to opt out of membership of the Union.

175. Any complaint about the Union shall be addressed to the Chair of Trustees. In any circumstances where the complaint relates to the Chair it shall be addressed to another Sabbatical Officer.

176. The Officer shall investigate and make a written reply within 15 working days.

177. If the complainant is not satisfied with the response they may appeal to the Clerk of the Board of Governors of the University. The Clerk shall investigate and respond to the complainant within 15 working days seeking advice from the Union trustees who where not part of the original investigation. If the complainant remains dissatisfied with the response provided by the Clerk to the Board of Governors of the University, the University’s Board of Governors shall appoint an independent person and a Union external trustee to consider and resolve the complaint. This decision shall be final.

178. Members who complain will also be referred to the mechanisms in this constitution to remove officers and change the policy of the Union.


The Constitution holds the policy for the removal of Officers and changing Union policy.

Chair of the Trustee Board [email protected]
Clerk to the Board of Governors [email protected]

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