Your candidates for President Kent and President Surry, along with their bio's and manifestos can be found below. 


Candidates will campaign for your vote! If you want to find out more about all of the candidates, join our live Presidential Debate on Tuesday 13 April, and have make your vote from 9am, Thursday 15 April until 5pm, Friday 16 April!

More information on candidates, debate and voting can be found below.

Presidential Debate
Tuesday 13 April @ 6:30pm
Live on Facebook

Voting Open
Thursday 15 April @ 9am

Voting Closes
Friday 16 April @ 5pm

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President Kent Candidates

President Kent Candidates

Courtney Jade Cooper 

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Sol Gjøines (SHE/HER)

Hello! My name is Sol Gjøines (She/Her).
I am a 22 year old international student, originally from Norway, and I am currently in my third year of Fine Art at the Canterbury campus. I’m a multi-media artist, specialising in illustration and installation art. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been passionate about environmentalism, animal welfare and social justice activism. I’m a part of the LGBTQ+ community, and strongly value inclusivity and diversity. Music has always been a passion of mine, and as a result I have regularly attended local concerts and events at the UCA Canterbury bar, as well as the local pub the Lady Luck. I value community and culture, especially those built around the creative arts.

I’ve been bringing up issues to the university since my first year, and have felt that it was difficult to have my voice heard. As your Student Union President, I would work to amplify student voices. My door would always be open, and I would strive to make sure everyone feels comfortable bringing issues directly to me, if they feel their voices haven’t been heard. I am persistent and stubborn, and I will use those traits for the betterment of the student body. I.e., I am willing to be just annoying enough to make things happen and bring the change I wanted to see while studying at UCA.



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Admire Ncube (He/HIM)

Hello everyone! My name is Admire Ncube and I am delighted to be your Students' Union President.
In the past year, I have been able to represent students at every level of the University. As the President i am so excited to be able to continue representing students as SU President. In the past few months we have seen just how much of an impact students can make. However, it also goes to shows how much more we can achieve! Now more than ever I want to ensure that students are at the forefront of decision making and that our voices and priorities are heard.



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President Surrey Candidates

President SURREY Candidates


Hello! My name is Gaebriel Min, but you can call me Gaeb! I am an international student from Seattle, Washington (Home of Nirvana, Starbucks, and Twilight), and I study Graphic Communications on the Farnham campus. However, you may know me as the current Design Assistant at the SU. If not, it’s highly possible you’ve seen me playing pool on a Saturday night at the Glasshouse!

Growing up as a black-queer-creative, cultivating creative communities has always been the way I connect with people. When I lived in Seattle, I worked at our local radio station, KEXP, and helped co-found the KEXP Youth Resonance, an initiative to empower the youth Seattle art scene through the platform of music broadcasting. While in college, I had the opportunity to work as a Community Consultant and was able to help students start-up and fund their clubs throughout their time at Highline College. Before I moved to the UK, I was asked to advise the Seattle Government in the creation of their King Street Station project, which helped to amplify the voices of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) in the Seattle arts scene. Through working with various organisations, I have been able to facilitate the creation of many safe and welcoming communities for queer, BIPOC, and young creatives.

When I joined UCA as a direct-entry second-year international student, I felt completely out of my element and struggled to connect with the community at UCA. It wasn’t until my third-year that I decided to involve myself and apply for the Design Assistant position at the SU. By working in this position, I have been able to create the Digital UCASU Discord Server and the Weekly Digest emails. Outside of the SU, I serve as a Student Rep for Graphic Communications (2019-2021), the LGBTQ+ Delegate for the National Union of Students Liberation Conference (2021), and a student liaison for UCA’s BAME Attainment Group (2020-2021). Through all of these opportunities, I have been able to meet so many UCA students and help re-create a sense of community that has been lost due to the pandemic.

From my time working with and for the Students’ Union, I have been able to see the Union from a different perspective, and that has given me insiders knowledge on how to best help UCA students. On the other hand, being a Black-Queer-International student, I am aware of the challenges our communities face when accessing education and I am not afraid to stand up for our needs. By using both of these backgrounds, I will help facilitate REAL CHANGE at UCA by running for President Surrey.

You can read more about myself and my manifesto at!



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Rafiya Williams (He/HIM)

Hey y’all, my name is Rafiya ST Williams (Raf if you’re nasty), a 4 year Film Production student at Farnham UCA and I’m happy to nominate myself to be your SU President!

If elected I promise to not only give you an amazing uni experience, but to implement policies that will leave a positive impact for years to come. I’ve chosen policies that I am positive will not only be attainable, but necessary to improve the rest of your time at UCA..

But hey, if you have any questions or you feel like I’m missing something or under-representing a specific category, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly on I have set up this email to take in all of your feedback and suggestions because your voice is the most important part of this election!



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Presidential Debate


This year we're asking your potential next Presidents to take part in a Presidential Debate, so you get to know more about them and what they'd do for you. This debate is going to be streamed on Facebook and you can attend watch parties live on your campus. We will choose five questions from you, the student body, for your potential Presidents to discuss and debate. Think about what you'd really like to know about the people who want to represent you!

Live Stream begins:
6:30pm, Tuesday 13 April


Election Timeline

Election Timeline

Below are all of the key dates and times you need to know for these elections. If you have any questions, please contact Soph Jackson at

Nominations Open
Monday 29 March @ 9am

Manifesto Workshop
Tuesday 6 April @ midday

Campaigning Workshop
Tuesday 6 April @ 5pm

Manifesto Workshop (re-run)
Thursday 8 April @ 5pm

Campaigning Workshop (re-run)
Friday 9 April @ 5pm

Nominations Close
Monday 12 April @ 5pm

Candidate Training
Tuesday 13 April @ Midday
Candidates will be emailed details

Presidential Debate
Tuesday 13 April @ 6:30pm
Live on Facebook

Voting Open
Thursday 15 April @ 9am

Voting Closes
Friday 16 April @ 5pm

Voting Incentives


We will buy Papa John's or Dominos pizzas for every course who has had at least a 50% turnout of voters in our Election. That means, the more people on your course you can get voting, the more likely it is you'll have a pizza feast on us.

More Voting Incentives

300 voters - Exclusive merch drop

Once we hit 300 voters across all campuses, we're giving away 20 limited edition UCA hoodies that you can't buy anywhere else. Only 20 lucky voters will ever get their hands on this hoodie design, so make sure to get your vote in quick...

650 voters - Free Graduate memberships

At 650 voters, EVERY SINGLE VOTER will get a free Graduate membership to the Students' Union. If you're about to leave or graduate from UCA, having a year of membership (normally worth £20) means that you can still join Clubs, Societies, Communities, and come along to all SU events. Even if you're not leaving this year, you'll have this free one year membership ready for you whenever your time at UCA comes to an end!

1000 voters - We pay your rent next month

If we reach 1000 voters, we draw a voter's name and pay their rent for one month. If you win, but don't pay rent? Lucky! You win £600 to spend however you want.

Election prizes
Claiming instructions + Terms and Conditions

"Free pizza for your whole course"

  1. We will use the student data provided to us by the University to determine the size of each course, and to confirm whether a course has reached 50% turnout.
  2. Once a course reaches 50% turnout, we will contact the Programme Director and course reps to inform them of their achievement, and arrange an appropriate date for the pizza delivery.
  3. We will provide approximately 1 pizza per 3 students.
  4. A range of pizzas will be provided, including vegan and gluten-free options. We cannot accommodate specific requests for pizzas.
  5. When more than 450 students have claimed this incentive, it will be capped.
  6. We reserve the right to cap this incentive if necessary.

"Exclusive merch drop"

  1. 20 limited edition hoodies, in the style picture in our advertising, will be given away to voters.
  2. The winners will be drawn at random after voting closes.
  3. 20 names will be drawn from the full list of students who have voted. Students who have not voted will not be included in the draw.
  4. Each student can only win a maximum of one hoodie. If a student is drawn more than once, we will draw again.

"Free Graduate memberships"

  1. Every voter in the Presidential Election will be entitled to a one year associate membership to the Students' Union.
  2. This membership can be claimed for the academic year after they graduate or leave UCA, up to 2025/26.
  3. To claim this membership, each student must submit a form for membership and note that they voted in the 2021 Presidential Election.
  4. They will then receive confirmation and details of their membership, free of charge.

"We pay your rent next month"

  1. We will pay the winning student £600 for this prize.
  2. A name will be drawn from the full list of voters, after voting closes.
  3. We will contact the winner by email to establish their bank details.
  4. The money will be paid directly to the student, through the bank details they provide.



You can vote here at 9am, Thursday 15 April. Voting will be open until Friday 16 April at 5pm.

You can also vote via the StudentLink App, which is available via the Google Play Store for Android, and the App Store on iOS

If you have any questions, please contact