Hi there! My name is Silviu and I am currently the Campus Officer at University for the Creative Arts Epsom.

My journey with UCA was an amazing experience, being able to develop myself as an individual and as a creative. Recently graduated, I am now in a position where I can bring change for students and I do believe the change is needed. I am here to improve the UCA student experience, alongside with the other three Campus Presidents. My main goal is to make Epsom campus more vibrant and get ride of the stigma “commuting campus.”

I am here as the contact point between you and the university, trying to deal with any problems you have as a student. To cut it short, don’t hesitate to come to my office when you have a problem! .. Or even if you just want to say Hi or have a chat and a coffee– I don’t bite 🙂

Contact Me

If you need to contact us about anything at all, just use the info here:

Telephone: 01372 20 2443


Skype me: My status

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Campus Officers

Rochester - Tasmin Brindley
Farnham - Becky Dann
Canterbury - Ellie Webb

What Students Say...

When concerns and worries about course and university issues were at a distressing tipping point, the Union helped me rationalise and encourage a student-led defence against the problems

Tariq E, Maidstone

UCASU has provided me with the support to set up a society that will benefit so many students.

Ashley W, Epsom

Thanks for an amazing three years and for helping me so much.

Sarah K, Farnham