Wh4t’s the Numb3r?

In the week commencing 20 February 2017, UCASU held a referendum asking the question:

“Do you think the UCASU Officer structure should change from four (4) Campus Presidents, to: 1 President, 1 Vice-President Surrey and 1 Vice-President Kent?”

As this is a change to our constitution (our legally binding governing document) we needed at least 2.5% of students to vote in this referendum to make it quorate. Quoracy means enough of our members (UCA Students) have voted on this to be able to enact a change.

The quoracy for this vote was 152 students.

The total valid votes for this referendum was 201. Therefore quota has been met.

In order for a constitutional change to pass there needs to be a two-third majority yes vote. This is called the quota.

The quota for this referendum is therefore 134

The results are as follows:
Yes 152
No 49


Therefore the YES vote wins the referendum, and UCA students have voted to change our constitution and governing documents to reflect these changes, our new documents will be uploaded into the ‘governance’ section of our website as soon as possible.

This referendum takes effect immediately, and therefore will now change the full time positions available in our full time officer elections in March. Notice of the elections will go out next week with further information.

Sophie Jackson
Democracy Coordinator
01227 81 7412

Katie Badman
Deputy Returning Officer
01634 88 8754