We are delighted to announced the candidates running in the UCASU March 2017 election, together with their manifestos. You can vote 10am, Monday 26 March – 3pm, Friday 29 March 2017 using the unique link sent to your UCA email address – check your mail now: http://ex.ucreative.ac.uk or during lunch times in/around the refectory on campus.

PRESIDENT Read all President manifestos

Tasmin Brindley

Read manifesto

Tomm Morton

Read manifesto
VICE-PRESIDENT SURREY Read all Vice-President Surrey manifestos
Danielle Bruce-Tagoe Read manifesto
Phillip Dowler Read manifesto
Chuka Okechukwu Read manifesto
VICE-PRESIDENT KENT Read all Vice-President Kent manifestos
Riley Clowes Read manifesto
Laura Davies Read manifesto
Emily Legg Read manifesto
Michelle Wenmouth Read manifesto
STUDENT TRUSTEE Read all Student Trustee manifestos
Cassidy Moses Read manifesto
Zunera Siraj Read manifesto
Sofia Teles Da Silva Read manifesto
STUDENT GOVERNOR Read all Student Governor manifestos
Simone Ziel Read manifesto
NUS DELEGATE Read all NUS Delegate manifestos
Tasmin Brindley Read manifesto
Damian-John Dunne Read manifesto
Annie Durwood Read manifesto
Tomm Morton Read manifesto
Zunera Siraj Read manifesto
Donna van Baal Read manifesto
Ellie Webb Read manifesto


If you don’t like any of the options, remember – you can always vote to Re-Open Nominations (RON). If RON wins, we’ll re-run the election process for this position.

How Voting Works

Why do we use STV?

Single Transferable Voting, wastes fewer votes – the person who voted for Tarzan is not ignored because they voted for an unpopular candidate, their second choice decides the election! So basically, STV, gives voters more opportunities to influence the election and let’s them get their second or third preference when they can’t get their first. This means that voters do not have to vote tactically – they can just choose their favourite.